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What you can expect from Turning Point

Turning Point offers personalized consultation and referral for senior housing, senior care, and in-home care services by matching your specific needs with the most suitable resources in your area.

Working with Turning Point, you’ll have the confidence that you have all the right information to make educated decisions. Whether you’re choosing to remain in your own home with in-home services, move to a senior community, or just need some advice, we’re there to help.

Senior Care in South Bend doesn't have to be a burden any longer.

I  was born in Mexico City, Mexico, raised in Stamford, Connecticut, and attended Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio graduating with a B.A in Art History.  With a love of art and artists I landed my first job out of college at Christie’s Art Auction House in New York City working initially as a Scribe (manual inventory records) and then working as the Auctioneer’s assistant.

In 1983 a college friend, Bob, was visiting NYC and called to reconnect.  We did.  In 1984 Bob and I were married and moved to South Bend, where Bob began his career as a Stock Broker.  Today he owns his own firm Robert B. Miller Financial.  Initially I took a job at Edgerton’s travel with the idea we could leave South Bend often and travel.  Well'. I traveled solo as Bob was hitting the pavement forming his business.

In our 33 years together, we have raised 3 children who are all grown or almost grown; Laura 29 living in Atlanta, Brad (26) working as a Brewer in Denver, and Keith who recently completed college at Bradly University, looking to move to Chicago to become a stand-up comedian. As our children naturally became independent, in 2012, after 4 years of helping Helen, an elder friend, manage breast cancer and a brain tumor, I became acutely aware of senior care. Senior care and quality of life have become the focus of my life and the creation of Turning Point Senior Care Solutions, a service which lifts the fog Of senior services, programs, and living choices in the Greater South Bend area.

Senior Care Services

At Turning Point, we offer 3 services. Each service is tailored to guide you at different levels. The goal is to help you understand and properly utilize senior care services.

Community Choice

Often times our seniors need to find an assisted living community or nursing home. Our job is to guide you through the selection process. We’ve taken years to research and study the options available. From Independent Living, Assisted Living, Nursing Home, or In-Home Care, the options are often confusing and overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help you understand your options and make the right decision.

Changing Communities: What To Do When It’s Not A Good Fit

Recently, I had the privilege of assisting a client with a move from one Independent Senior Living complex to another. She had been living in the apartment for about 7 months before she heard about Turning Point and decided to give us a call. We met together, and she told me how she loved to cook. Not only did her current place have meals included, but the food was often subpar to her taste. She requested that I do some research for her. We found a place with an à la carte menu of services which was a much better fit and allowed her to save quite a bit of money.  It was a good move!

If you’re already living in a Senior Living Community, and you’ve found that you’re unhappy or it simply isn't the best fit, it’s okay to make a change! Turning Point is here to help.

Here are some tips to help you toward changing communities:

Think Before You Act

Before you leap into a move, take some time to figure out what really is the problem. Is it a temporary situation Is there something that can be done to remedy the problem without having to move While you don't want to stay in a place you are truly unhappy with for too long, you don't want to rush out only to find the same problems elsewhere.

Have Some Conversations

A decision like this shouldn't be made alone. Seek out wisdom and advice from the right people. Talk with your family. You should even talk to your community director, especially if it’s a situation that could be changed where you are currently living. Of course, a call to us is in order.

Specify Your Needs

Just as my client figured out that the opportunity to cook for herself would make all the difference, take the time to figure out for yourself what you're looking for. What specifically doesn't work for you in your current situation What would your ideal situation look like Write out a must-have list, keeping in mind the future and how your needs may change over time.

Call Turning Point

As always, Turning Point is more than happy to help, and it is our specialty to help you find the perfect place for you. Contact us for a consultation. We can walk you through the steps above and help you find just the right independent senior living situation for you!

Keep Your Mind in Tip-Top Shape

Let’s face it: we Boomers are aging. It’s not our favorite thing in life, but it is inevitable. And it really doesn't have to be so bad, especially if we’re taking excellent care of not only our bodies but, maybe more importantly, our minds.

We all know that we should be fueling our bodies through healthy eating and exercise. If we don't, we lose muscle and energy and potentially gain excess fluff. Our brains are similar. If we’re not regularly stimulating our brains, they simply don't work as well. Is there anything we can do to keep our brains in tip-top shape and maybe even protect it from future dementia

The answer is yes! Let me tell you how:

Be a lifelong learner.

No matter how much you know now, there is always more to learn. The key to using learning as a tool to exercise your brain is to learn something new on a regular basis. As soon as it’s not new anymore, it’s not stimulating your brain the way it needs to be stimulated. Learn a new language, become a history buff, take up piano, read lots of books. Pursue learning!

Switch up the daily routine.

Most of us could mosey through our day without hardly waking our brains at all. While it’s good to have routine to simplify life, if you never switch things up, your brain is turning into forgetful mush. Do something out of the ordinary at random. Take an unfamiliar route to work. Use your non-dominant hand for a day. Walk backwards through every doorway. Close your eyes while you brush your teeth or fold the laundry. Read a book out loud and maybe add voices.

Get out of the town.

Social interaction is essential to brain health. It’s great to get together with your usual group of fellow boomers, but stepping outside your comfort zone by visiting places you’ve never been and interacting with people you’ve never met can really get this synapsis firing. Consider going so far as to visit a different culture and country.

Stay physically active.

Your brain loves regular exercise! You’re not just building muscle in your arms when you hit the gym. Your brain actually enlarges, too. The increased blood flow impacts most areas in your brain. There’s actually evidence that any kind of regular exercise can be more effective than any Alzheimer's medication on the market!

Do things the hard way.

When you take a different route to work, choose one that you’re not confident with. You can always turn on the GPS if you get hopelessly lost, but what’s the harm in getting just a little lost It might be beneficial! Try to do more things without the help of technology, like math or spelling or looking up a word in an actual dictionary. Memorize a piece on the piano or a poem or the state capitals. Make life hard for your brain, so your brain can make life easier for you!

Turn off the noise.

There’s so much noise in our lives today that our brains are no longer listening. We have music playing in the car or as we exercise. The TV is on constantly. We’re calling and texting and Face booking all day long. The very best exercise we can give our brains is to turn it all off. To be quiet for an uncomfortable amount of time. Toss aside the to-do list that's running through your head and just be still.

It's never too late (or too early) to put these things into practice. Keeping your mind in tip-top shape is a no-brainer!

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