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  • Home Health and Hospice
  • Independent Living
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Trinity at Lewis & Clark, Boise

We also offer a complimentary "Free Day Stay" when contemplating placement in one of our facilities (pending bed availability). This is a great way to make sure our facility is a "good fit". We want residents to feel comfortable with the staff and atmosphere of their new home.


It is our mission to provide a safe, clean, kind and loving home to those entrusted to our care. We will respect each resident's rights, possessions, opinions, religion and race. We will follow each resident's physician's orders, and do our part to give our residents the highest opportunity for optimal Mental & Physical Health.

We will work closely with family members, social workers, nurses, and Physicians to ensure our resident's health and safety. We will promote the highest level of independence in each resident. We will act with Honesty, Integrity and Accountability toward our residents.

Trinity Assisted Living

DBA Trinity at Lewis & Clark, Boise (Full Life Care) and Trinity at 1st Street, Meridian (Home Living) have been in operation since April 2005 and Trinity Home Living since 2013 in the State of Idaho. With assistance from our highly trained staff, we provide quality care for the elderly; and adults with physical disabilities, developmental delay, traumatic brain injury, dementia and managed mental illness. Providing the opportunity for optimal mental and physical health along with independence for each resident is our ultimate goal.

Our Staff

Our registered nurse is on call 24 hours a day and notified of all accidents, incidents, medication errors and changes in medication as well as significant changes in residents condition. Three-way medication checks are performed on a monthly basis, at which time, resident assessments are performed for those in need. Each resident is further evaluated every 90 days by the registered nurse.

Primary staff responsibilities consist of meal preparation; medication assistance; supervision; daily communication with PSR workers and physicians or authorized providers. Home health and hospice providers are contracted as needs require, further assisting staff in maximizing quality care. All actions are provided to ensure optimal residential heath and well-being.

Our Management Team

Elishia Smith, president

Our President, Elishia Smith, is a Boise native and a dedicated, compassionate person that thrives in her career.  Elisha's venture into Assisted Living began as a necessity for her young family.  Her son was born 10 weeks premature, and she was told that due to medical issues he would have to most likely live in an assisted living situation for his entire life.  Elishia's strong sense of motherhood and dedication to her family drove her to acquire her first facility; and named it after her sweet daughter, Trinity.  Elishia ran the facility by herself and just 2 other employees with the goal of making a family atmosphere, so she could personally take care of her son.  As time passed, Elishia's son defied all doctors Expectations and he had grown to be a healthy young boy.   

During that time, Elishia's passion for her resident’s well-being grew to a point to where she considered each one of them as part of her family.  Elishia ensured that on a daily basis that her residents had a safe, secure and comfortable home that they could call their own.  And so from her humble and small beginnings in the big world of assisted living, Elishia had unknowingly formed the foundation and philosophy of Trinity Assisted Living of Idaho, Inc...

Elishia continues to be a driving force in the Residential Assisted Living Facilities by being part of several organizations that have oversight or are advocates for residents.  Elishia has held different positions with the Community Care Advisory Council for Idaho including being the Vice Chairman.  With her busy schedule, Elishia still continues to visit each of her facilities and personally get to know the clients.  When people feel they have a supportivefamily Blood relation or not, lives are enhanced.  She strives to reassure that this is a home where your family becomes part of ours.  Trinity Assisted Living of Idaho is a direct reflection of what Elishia embodies as compassion and integrity.

Hayley was born in Council Idaho and enjoyed traveling many states during her young adulthood before she settled back into Idaho in 2011. Upon her return home, and through her love of caring for others in need, she discovered an opportunity to pursue a career that she never imagined possible for herself; an Assisted Living Administrator!

She worked diligently learning all she could to become an Administrator.  Through her training and broadened knowledge of the business, she recognized the sincere love she had for the people she was helping, and she couldn't imagine doing anything else. Hayley has been an administrator since 2012, and we are proud to say that she is now running our very first facility, Lewis & Clark.   

Hayley has a strong sense of leadership and her contagious smile is welcoming to anyone!  We feel she is a precious asset to Trinity, and look forward to many years together!   Hayley says she feels very blessed to stumble upon an opportunity to work for Trinity Assisted Living. I am beyond excited to be a part of this family and strive to provide the best care to our residents that I possibly can. I get to come to work every day and see smiles and know that I am a part of making that happen. It doesn't get any better than that!

Athina was born and raised in Idaho. Growing up she spent a lot of time with her Grandmother who was the family caregiver. Athina learned a lot from her grandmother and discovered she had a passion for taking care of people. At the age of 18 she obtained a job at a large assisted living facility.  After 2 years she decided to pursue a job in a memory care unit. Working with Alzheimer's patients in a smaller environment became her passion. As challenging as memory care can be, she adored the bond she developed with each of her residents. After being a caregiver for 12 years she became employed by Trinity Assisted Living. Her love of the elderly and passion for helping others, made her decide to take her career another direction, and she became an Administrator. Every day she comes to work with a positive attitude and the desire to help the residents and the staff.  Being a natural-born caregiver, she loves working in a smaller environment where she can leave her desk to visit with or assist residents. She also feels blessed to be able to share the love of helping others with her caregivers. She enjoys being able to pass on some of her knowledge to the care staff to make them the very best they can be!


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