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  • Home Health and Hospice
  • Independent Living
  • Nursing Home
  • Respite / Short-Term Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • At-Home Care


Live with confidence in our affordable Chicago senior community.

Come explore an affordable senior lifestyle at Senior Suites of Garfield Ridge. Located in Chicago's Garfield Ridge neighborhood, we provide an exciting, fulfilling lifestyle to seniors in the area. Our warm community is for active seniors who want more options for interaction in their days. We take things off your to-do list with convenient transportation for grocery shopping and housekeeping.

Senior Lifestyle's Senior Suites have been Chicago's pioneer in affordable housing since 1995. There are now 24 communities in the area. With the city's cooperation, we offer affordable senior living in a variety of neighborhoods to those individuals 62 years and better.

Those interested in our community can reach out to our team to learn more about affordable senior housing. Potential residents need to apply and qualify for rental rates, which are based on availability and applicant income. You won't have to pay a big security deposit or buy-in to join our community. We only require a 12-month lease. With the application process in mind, we welcome anyone considering our community, including prospective tenants, families, and friends to visit and learn more.

If you're not ready to make the move to our affordable community just yet, we encourage you to join our waiting list to get the best rates when you're ready.

Lifestyle Options

Senior Suites of Garfield Ridge was designed with today's active senior in mind. Our Independent Living lifestyle is designed to make your life simpler, with convenient and provided amenities like transportation for groceries and housekeeping. Your to-do list just got shorter. Our community is full of independent seniors who want to spend more time pursuing their passions and less time worrying.

What is Memory Care?

Memory Care communities tailor their environment, programming, and personal care to people living with  dementia or Alzheimer's diagnosis. These communities provide a safe, secure, and calming atmosphere that helps residents feel more comfortable and at ease. A team of professional nursing staff are trained in the cognitive, behavioral, and physical symptoms that often accompany dementia. This helps them adapt their care and interactions to create a helpful and restful home for residents. Memory Care communities have security measures such as enclosed outdoor spaces and secure entries and exits to safeguard against wandering. Families can feel confident knowing their loved one is being cared for in a conscientious community built specifically to cater to their needs.

The Memory Care Experience

At Senior Lifestyle, our modern Memory Care communities focus on making each day more vibrant for their residents, no matter their current abilities and cognition. Our Memory Care communities create atmospheres that allow residents and their families to live with confidence, knowing they are well-cared for, safe, and secure.

Environment and Atmosphere

Residents living with memory impairment, dementia, or Alzheimer's thrive best in calm atmospheres and familiar settings that minimize distraction and confusion. Our Memory Care communities provide this type of atmosphere inside and out, with beautiful, enclosed outdoor spaces. Families can feel more confident because their loved one is surrounded by 24/7 attentive care, security systems, and alarmed community entrances and exits.

Specialized Programming

Memory Care communities tailor their social interactions, daily programs, and stimulating activities to fit with the abilities of their Memory Care residents. These changes can include adaptation for sound and distraction, calming activities, and gentle encouragement. Many communities provide programming that encourages brain health and socialization centered around long-term recall.

embrace Memory Care

Senior Lifestyle has created embrace Memory Care to help residents living with dementia or Alzheimer's find more joy and connection in their lives. This program is based on the latest memory research and engages residents by creating moments that stimulate the senses and call on engrained activities to encourage interaction with the world around them. This program takes personalized care one step further by forming daily rhythms for residents that allow more choice and independence in their days, such as choosing activities and menu items through visual cues. Finally, embrace Memory Care supports family members and friends in creating more meaning and connection in their visits through innovative programs and guided interactions.

Memory Care Services

Memory Care communities provide all the services and amenities offered in other senior lifestyles but adapt their approach to service to help those living with dementia and Alzheimer's feel more safe and secure. Professionally-trained staff members provide daily activities to create a more fulfilling lifestyle for their residents, while clinical and nursing teams ensure residents personal care, nutritional, and medical needs are being met.

Personal Care

Seniors living with dementia and Alzheimer's often need help completing the activities of daily living, including dressing and personal hygiene. While families often wrestle with the question of when to move from Assisted Living to Memory Care, in the early stages of adapted Memory Care, a caregiver may only provide gentle reminders or cues to help residents complete a task, maintaining independence longer. In later stages, help can be adapted to include full daily assistance to help residents prepare for their day. Memory Care communities should tailor personal care plans to the individual, addressing their care needs at each stage of progression.

Cleaning and Laundry

For many seniors, not just those with dementia, household chores often become more difficult as they age. Memory Care communities take these daily to-dos off their residents lists and provide services such as daily tidying-up, weekly housekeeping, laundry services, and more. These services create a manageable lifestyle, leaving more time for relaxation and enjoyment.

Meals and Nutrition

Many family caregivers struggle with getting their loved ones to eat a balanced diet. In Memory Care communities, our staff communicates with the residents and family members to understand their taste preferences, nutritional needs, and medical limitations. The communities can provide tailored diets, pureed meals, and meal assistance to ensure residents are getting the nutrition they need.

Pet-Friendly Places

While dementia and Alzheimer's can often change relationships, many residents still find comfort and companionship with their beloved pets. Many Memory Care communities embrace these relationships and provide pet-friendly apartments and spaces where owners and furry-friends can enjoy their days together.

Who is Right For Memory Care?

For many families and caregivers, making the choice to move a loved one in a Memory Care community can be a difficult process. It's important for families to understand their loved ones specific needs and be able to ensure the chosen community can provide appropriate 24/7 care.

Residents who would most benefit from living in these communities would  have a memory or cognitive impairment or have been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's. Residents needing 24/7 care due to  physical limitations would most likely need Assisted Living or skilled nursing care.

A Snapshot of a Memory Care Resident

•    Diagnosed with memory loss, cognitive impairment, dementia or Alzheimer's
•    Requires 24/7 attentive care in a secure environment
•    Would benefit from specialized environment and programming

It's crucial for communities and staff to understand a new resident's abilities and limitations as well as any behavioral or medical history. Families and caregivers should coordinate with their loved one's physician to find the right community and lifestyle.

How to Find a Memory Care Community?

Families and caregivers might wonder, How can I find Memory Care near me for my loved one While specialized Memory Care communities are not as prevalent as Assisted Living options, these communities or adapted services are becoming more common. In addition to finding local recommendations through senior centers and senior advocates, research can start with a simple internet search such as Memory Care communities near me or Alzheimer's communities near me. The result may show you what is or is not available in your area and allow you to start making a list of your options.

What is Independent Living?

Independent Living offers a vibrant lifestyle for seniors. By choosing Independent Living, our communities residents are able to spend their time relaxing, pursuing their passions, thriving, and forming meaningful friendships. Independent Living communities are designed to create a carefree lifestyle by providing service options such as housekeeping, transportation, maintenance, and restaurant-style dining. These communities also frequently offer a full calendar of on-site events, social opportunities, and educational programming, all coming together to create an exciting, fulfilling lifestyle that today's seniors expect.

The Independent Living Experience

Our Independent Living communities will keep you connected and inspired to live your life the way you want to live it. Modern senior communities are bright, spacious, and full of active seniors enjoying each day to the fullest.

While each Independent Living community is different, they are most commonly set up as apartment homes that have access to central resources such as professional staff, dining services, and well-appointed amenities. Residents will find a variety of communities, all with slightly different offerings to take into consideration. From comfortable, home-like spaces with familial surroundings to resort-style living with all the luxuries, Senior Lifestyle has a community to fit everyone's preferences.

Independent Living Services

Independent living communities provide services that make daily living simpler for retirees. From housekeeping and household maintenance to transportation, here are a few services available.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

You can opt-out of the to-do list and into a more convenient lifestyle. From daily tidying-up and weekly housekeeping to maintenance-free manicured outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy, Independent Living can provide a well-maintained home and lifestyle without all the work.

Restaurant-Style Dining

Residents enjoy restaurant-style dining without the hassle of cooking. Communities create menus and dishes tailored to residents tastes, and each meal is prepared with fresh, delicious ingredients for the best dining experience possible.


Many communities also offer transportation for important appointments and outings. On-site transportation services can relieve stress for seniors who prefer not to drive or do not have their own transportation.

Emergency Assistance

No matter how independent a person is, accidents can happen. Independent Living communities have emergency systems in place to help residents if they should ever need immediate assistance. It is a reassuring feeling knowing that there is always someone ready to help.

Who is Right For Independent Living?

Independent Living residents are seniors that are looking for a carefree living situation to make their daily lives less hectic and more enjoyable. While they are still self-sufficient and active, they don't mind a little assistance with daily chores and more taxing maintenance tasks.

A Snapshot of an Independent Living Resident

•    Ideal for those who can still live independently but enjoy access to assistance if needed
•    Interested in a healthy, active lifestyle
•    Ready to live worry-free from home maintenance and chores
•    Wants to learn, explore, discover, and relax

Some Independent Living residents thrive on the social environment they find in their communities, while others are simply searching for a little more rest and relaxation. Our Independent Living communities are full of interesting, diverse, and vibrant seniors ready for the next chapter in their lives.

Room Amenities
Multiple Floor Plans
Private Rooms
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Property Amenities
  • On-Site Medical Staff
  • Housekeeping
  • Theater Room
  • Laundry Service
  • Pet Friendly
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Transportation Services
  • Medication Management
  • Walking Paths
  • Fitness Center
  • Gathering / Activity Spaces
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