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Type of Senior Living

  • Home Health and Hospice
  • Independent Living
  • Nursing Home
  • Respite / Short-Term Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • At-Home Care


Live in the Gage Park neighborhood you love with the amenities you want in our community.

Live the senior lifestyle you've always wanted in the community you care about at the Senior Suites of Gage Park. Our warm senior community gives you convenient services and amenities so you can cross more off your daily to-do list with ease. We offer convenient amenities including transportation for groceries, housekeeping, and up and about checks. Our community is focused on connection and fun, with plenty of planned activities to go with your new lifestyle. Come see how good affordable Chicago senior living can be and visit our community today.

Senior Lifestyle's Senior Suites have been Chicago's pioneer in affordable housing since 1995 and currently, there are 24 communities in the area. With the cooperation of the city, we offer affordable senior living in a variety of neighborhoods to those individuals 62 years and better.

Those interested in our community can contact our team to learn more about affordable senior housing. Potential residents need to apply and qualify for rental rates, which are based on availability and applicant income. Moving into our community requires only a simple 12-month lease, no security deposit or buy-in. With the application process in mind, we welcome prospective tenants, families, and friends to visit our community to learn more.

If you're not ready to make the move to our affordable community just yet, we encourage you to join our waiting list to get the best rates when you're ready.

Lifestyle Options

Active seniors will love their time at Senior Suites of Gage Park. Our Independent Living lifestyle is complete with amenities and services meant to make your life more simple and relaxing. Our community is full of independent seniors who want to spend more time pursuing their passions and less time worrying about daily tasks.

Affordable Senior Living

Our Independent Living lifestyle offers a vibrant atmosphere with opportunities to pursue your passions, make social connections, and embrace interests you've never had time to explore. Enjoy a quality of lifestyle in warm and welcoming community.

Services include:

•    Monthly Housekeeping
•    Weekly Grocery Transportation
•    Utilities Included (Excluding Phone, Cable, and Internet)
•    Daily Up and About Checks
•    Emergency Pull Cords
•    Electronically monitored check-in system

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted Living helps seniors live each day to the fullest with professional daily assistance, tailored to their specific health or personal care needs. Assisted Living communities offer service and care options such as housekeeping, meal preparation, personal hygiene, medication management, transportation, and more. Families and their loved ones will find Assisted Living communities are dedicated to providing the highest level of care, but also understand the personal value of maintaining independence and choice. Many Assisted Living options offer upscale amenities, engaging events, and diverse programming for residents to enjoy. In fact, today's families and seniors can expect a bright, fulfilling lifestyle and have a variety of senior living apartments, communities, and properties to choose from in order to find just the right fit.

The Assisted Living Experience

Today's seniors can expect an active, vibrant lifestyle in their Assisted Living community with the events and activities tailored to their preferences and abilities. While you will still find opportunities to play perennial favorites like bingo and bridge, the communities of today truly think outside the box when creating ambiances and programming for their residents.

Our Assisted Living communities place a priority on enjoyment and relaxation. Many include well-manicured outdoor spaces with lush surroundings and daily opportunities to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Inside, spacious community rooms are designed for socialization with plenty of cozy nooks and niches for those wanting a little rest and relaxation for the day. These vibrant atmospheres are complemented by a wide array of planned social events, activities, and education opportunities. Everything is perfectly catered and adapted to residents to create days full of enjoyment.

At Senior Lifestyle, our Assisted Living communities place a high-priority on the daily enjoyment of their residents. They provide daily programming and unique activities for seniors that make each day brighter. From card games and crafts to cooking activities, community gardening, and daily trivia, there is always a way for residents to join in.

Learning and Discovery

There are many ways for today's active seniors to expand their world from inside their communities. Art and education classes have become a staple on monthly calendars, along with seminars on topics such as historical figures and wellness. Book, poetry, and writing clubs have also become popular, providing another way for seniors to grow and express themselves in the new community.

Active and On-the-Go

Staying active can keep seniors enjoying the hobbies and lifestyle they love, longer. Physical activities for seniors in Assisted Living have become an important part of the daily routine. From walking clubs, tai chi, and water aerobics to adapted exercises such as balance classes and chair yoga, seniors of all ability levels can find a structured exercise class or activity that keeps them healthy and on the go.

Friends and Fun

Part of the appeal of Assisted Living is that it provides a natural, comfortable setting to meet other seniors and build friendships. Communities focus on planning social events that encourage interaction including happy hours, movie nights, and trips to local eateries, making it simple to make connections and form friendships.

Places for Pets

Pets can be an important source of love and companionship for seniors. Today's senior living communities understand that connection and welcome these special friends. Many events and activities are pet-friendly too, making it easy for pets to feel equally at home and at ease in the community from the start.

What is Memory Care?

Memory Care communities tailor their environment, programming, and personal care to people living with  dementia or Alzheimer's diagnosis. These communities provide a safe, secure, and calming atmosphere that helps residents feel more comfortable and at ease. A team of professional nursing staff are trained in the cognitive, behavioral, and physical symptoms that often accompany dementia. This helps them adapt their care and interactions to create a helpful and restful home for residents. Memory Care communities have security measures such as enclosed outdoor spaces and secure entries and exits to safeguard against wandering. Families can feel confident knowing their loved one is being cared for in a conscientious community built specifically to cater to their needs.

The Memory Care Experience

At Senior Lifestyle, our modern Memory Care communities focus on making each day more vibrant for their residents, no matter their current abilities and cognition. Our Memory Care communities create atmospheres that allow residents and their families to live with confidence, knowing they are well-cared for, safe, and secure.

Environment and Atmosphere

Residents living with memory impairment, dementia, or Alzheimer's thrive best in calm atmospheres and familiar settings that minimize distraction and confusion. Our Memory Care communities provide this type of atmosphere inside and out, with beautiful, enclosed outdoor spaces. Families can feel more confident because their loved one is surrounded by 24/7 attentive care, security systems, and alarmed community entrances and exits.

Specialized Programming

Memory Care communities tailor their social interactions, daily programs, and stimulating activities to fit with the abilities of their Memory Care residents. These changes can include adaptation for sound and distraction, calming activities, and gentle encouragement. Many communities provide programming that encourages brain health and socialization centered around long-term recall.

embrace Memory Care

Senior Lifestyle has created embrace Memory Care to help residents living with dementia or Alzheimer's find more joy and connection in their lives. This program is based on the latest memory research and engages residents by creating moments that stimulate the senses and call on engrained activities to encourage interaction with the world around them. This program takes personalized care one step further by forming daily rhythms for residents that allow more choice and independence in their days, such as choosing activities and menu items through visual cues. Finally, embrace Memory Care supports family members and friends in creating more meaning and connection in their visits through innovative programs and guided interactions.

What is Skilled Nursing?

Whether recovering from surgery, an acute illness, or in need of long-term individualized care, Skilled Nursing communities can provide expert, 24/7 assistance. Many families struggle with the question, When is it time for a nursing home While the senior living industry has redefined what many people ordinarily think of when they hear nursing home, reputable communities will walk families through the decision-making process by working closely with physicians to assess their loved ones needs to decide whether a skilled nursing community is the right fit.

The Skilled Nursing Experience

A stay in a skilled nursing community should feel like a warm welcome from compassionate staff and caregivers. Today's skilled nursing communities place enjoyment as a priority and provide opportunities for residents to engage and connect each day.

Personal Care

Above and beyond the clinical care residents receive, professional staff provides attentive personal care to residents. Compassionate staff accommodates residents needs through dressing, hygiene, and bathing assistance to help residents look and feel their best.

Enrichment Programs

Our communities provide opportunities for their residents to enjoy and connect each day. From planned daily activities like brain fitness games and movie nights to holiday celebrations and family visits, skilled nursing communities help their residents live meaningful lives with dignity.

Premier Dining Services

Our dining services teams work with residents and their families as well as a team of dietitians, physicians, and culinary professionals to craft dining experiences that go beyond expectations. Using fresh ingredients, they create menus and meals that help nourish residents while still placing a priority on enjoyment and taste.

Housekeeping and Transportation

Residents and their families can focus on their well-being or recuperation without worrying about household chores like cleaning or laundry. Our professional staff provides daily tidying-up as well as linen service. Attending physician appointments is simple with community transportation.

Skilled Nursing Services

Skilled Nursing communities provide professional, continuous care to seniors needing medical, personal, and nutritional assistance, on a short or long-term basis. Families will coordinate with the community, their loved ones physicians, and an expert team of professional and clinical specialists to create an individualized plan that provides the best care possible.

Medical and Acute Senior Care

Skilled Nursing communities are equipped to provide residents with 24-hour nursing needs ranging from post-operative recuperation and complex medical care demands to care for individuals with chronic health issues who can no longer live independently.

At Senior Lifestyle, all of our skilled nursing communities are licensed by their respective states to meet standards of safety, staffing, and care procedures. Our residents are not only under the care of our team of professional nursing staff but are also closely monitored under the supervision of partner physicians who visit regularly and are responsible for the residents overall care plans. Our Skilled Nursing and rehabilitation communities tailor a personalized care plan that may include the necessary medications, therapeutic and rehabilitative procedures, special diets, treatments, and any additional services needed to improve their quality of life.


Many seniors in Skilled Nursing communities are there for comprehensive rehabilitation after an injury or surgery and are attended to by a team of therapists to assist in their recovery. An individualized treatment plan is developed to return residents to their daily routine as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our communities offer your loved ones a rehabilitative therapy plan that promotes wellness, and a team that is with you every step of your recovery process. Whether you are searching for short-term or long-term care communities, our skilled staff goes beyond the clinical necessities to provide compassionate care that provides a restful atmosphere for recovery. Residents receive the care they need while enjoying the comforts of home.

Comprehensive Care

Skilled Nursing communities offer a wide array of services to provide competent Medical Care. Skilled care communities often provide the following services:

•    Orthopedic Post-surgical Rehabilitation
•    Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
•    Cardiopulmonary Therapy
•    Skin Integrity
•    Wound Care
•    Positioning
•    Cognitive Management
•    Dietician Services
•    Dining Assistance
•    Physical Conditioning
•    Activities of Daily Living Retraining
•    Community Reintegration
•    Pain Management
•    Dialysis Transportation
•    Laboratory, X-Ray and Diagnostic Services
•    Podiatry Services
•    Dentistry Services
•    Optometry Services
•    General Care Physician Services
•    Psychiatric/Psychological Services
•    On-Site Medical Director

Who is Right For Skilled Nursing?

Skilled Nursing and rehabilitation communities provide the needed medical care, personal care, and nutrition assistance to seniors in a professional setting with, round-the-clock staff. Whether residents are recovering from an illness, rehabilitating from orthopedic surgery, or require continuous, expert care, they can find a warm, welcoming home at a Skilled Nursing community. Residents in Skilled Nursing often require personal and nutritional care that goes above and beyond what can be provided in an Assisted Living or Memory Care community.
A Snapshot of a Skilled Nursing Resident

•    Recovering from surgery or illness
•    Living with a complex, chronic condition
•    Needs comprehensive therapy such as physical, speech, or occupational
•    Nutritional needs require physician oversight

Finding the right community is a necessary process and requires coordination from many stakeholders. Families and their loved ones should consult with their personal physician and work closely with potential communities to ensure the new resident's needs will be met. Families should remain aware of their loved one's social and emotional well-being, as well as their loved one's physical health when choosing a community.

The Complete Guide to Senior Housing

How to Find a Skilled Nursing Community?

Deciding on a community for your loved ones to call home or simply stay short term during rehabilitation is an important process. There are plenty of factors to consider along the way, and it's essential that families have access to multiple resources to understand all of the options available to them.

At Senior Lifestyle, we help seniors create more vibrant lifestyles for themselves by promoting a culture of health, wellness, and engagement. We go the extra mile to support the overall wellbeing of our residents. Our diverse communities offer a range of lifestyle options including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, Affordable Housing, and Short-Term Housing.


Room Amenities
Multiple Floor Plans
Private Rooms
Meals & Dining
Professional Chef
Dietary Accommodations
Property Amenities
  • On-Site Medical Staff
  • Housekeeping
  • Theater Room
  • Laundry Service
  • Pet Friendly
  • Salon / Barber
  • 24-Hour Staff
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Transportation Services
  • Medication Management
  • Walking Paths
  • Fitness Center
  • Gathering / Activity Spaces
Social Activities



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