Montclare Senior Residences of Avalon Park

1200 E 78th St Chicago, Illinois, 60619

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Type of Senior Living

  • Home Health and Hospice
  • Independent Living
  • Nursing Home
  • Assisted Living
  • At-Home Care


Avalon Park

An Independent affordable Senior Living Community in the Avalon Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Welcome Home To The Montclare Senior Residences

What The Montclare can do for you?

Welcome to the gracious, affordable lifestyle of Montclare Senior Residences. Our dedication to excellent residential living options for seniors makes us one of the nation’s premier Senior Lifestyle providers. When you join one of our family-owned Senior Living Communities, you will have the opportunity to meet friendly neighbors, make new friends and join in community activities. We have a variety of affordable living communities with private apartments customized for senior lifestyles, providing the freedom to entertain guests or spend time relaxing from the comfort of your home.

At Montclare Senior Residences, we consider it a privilege to provide affordable independent and assisted living for our community members. We understand the value that you place on your independent lifestyle, and our communities, staff members and amenities are here to support your freedom. No matter your personal lifestyle, we are prepared to welcome you and improve your quality of life when you join a Montclare Senior Living Community.

Montclare Senior Residences of Avalon Park

1200 East 78th Street Chicago, IL, 60619

An independent lifestyle is a reward unto itself. It’s your life, and being able to do what you like, when your like is your freedom. Residents at The Montclare Senior Residences at Avalon Park are able to live the independent lifestyles they want, while receiving the supportive living care they may need to be comfortable. Regardless of your individual senior lifestyle, it is our mission to enable our expert staff to provide unparalleled hospitality services to our community. Cultivating a high quality of life is the primary concern of the trained and dedicated staff members at The Montclare Senior Residences at Avalon Park. Take a tour of our community today!

Helping African American Community in Chicago

COVID-19 adversely effects African Americans more than any other race, especially ones with other underlying health issues.  The Montclare Senior Residences of Avalon Park (MSRAP) has a total of 234 African American residents that are 90% low income and over the age of 60.  MSRAP consists of two adjoining 7-story buildings with 224 units.     

MSARP is an independent senior living development, with most of our residents leading a very productive life.  However, we have some seniors with cancer (currently taking chemo), high blood pressure, diabetes, transplant recipients, lupus, stroke, obesity, COPD (currently on oxygen), dialysis, all problems generally associated with the elderly.  Despite the odds, we fortunately have not had one resident diagnosed with COVID-19.    

While we agree 1st responders are the main focus, we are not medical staff but we are 1st responders to the MSRAP seniors.  Linda, Gerry, Courtney, Temple (management staff),  Barry (PTM Cleaning Service) Marilyn, Donnell, Michael, Brian, Anna (MSRAP resident volunteers) and myself, (Davis-Leake Consulting, LLC) are continuously putting their lives on the line 7 days a week to save others;  sanitizing the building twice daily; emergency apartment work orders, transporting food from stores and donation sites, resident door deliveries of food, household essentials, medicine (deliveries), postal, FedEx, UPS, and well-being checks. In addition, we are providing gloves and masks to all residences, homemakers and others who come into the building that do not have them.  We continue to minimize the visitors except essential ones such as food deliveries, family members bringing food and other household necessities, homemakers, medical staff, and family members doing well-being checks.  We have requested that all adults refrain from bringing children under the age of 18 into the building during this pandemic.   

MR Properties, LLC (owners), Pacific Management Inc. (management company), Alderman Michelle Harris (8th Ward) continuously give their support to keep all 234 residents safe.  At The Montclare Senior Residences, YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE IS OUR PRIMARY CONCERN!

With the assistance of Alderman Michelle Harris, MSARP has received food donations from Captain Hard Times, the Black United Fund of Illinois, Inc. and hand sanitizer from Koval Distillery.  In an effort to continue to give our residents the best care available, we sincerely welcome additional community donations.

Room Amenities
Multiple Floor Plans
Private Rooms
Meals & Dining
Professional Chef
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  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry Service
  • 24-Hour Staff
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Transportation Services
  • Medication Management
  • Walking Paths
  • Fitness Center
  • Gathering / Activity Spaces
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