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Type of Senior Living

  • Home Health and Hospice
  • Independent Living
  • Nursing Home
  • Respite / Short-Term Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • At-Home Care


Welcome Home

We work hard to make Gateway Retirement Community a place you or your loved one can call home. From the beautifully landscaped grounds to the carefully planned activities, this is a great community to join. 

Long Term Care

Choosing a long-term care facility for your or your loved one is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. That is why we are proud of our strengths in improving the quality of care and improving the quality of life of our residents.

Gateway Retirement Community offers comprehensive long-term care services in an exhilarating environment. Our staff works all day and night, giving compassionate care with skilled nursing and personal assistance.

Long-term care residents enjoy exciting recreational and social activities, along with educational opportunities. We offer a full set of amenities, to create a true home for your loved one.

Long Term Care Services Include:

•    24-Hour Skilled Nursing Care
•    Medication Management
•    Cancer Care
•    Cardiac Care
•    Stroke Care
•    Diabetes Care
•    Respiratory Care
•    Restorative Nursing Care
•    Pain Management
•    Hospice and Comfort Care
•    Dementia & Alzheimer's Care
•    Healthy Healing Wound Program

Short Term Care

Sometimes mobility, functionality, or cognitive abilities are impaired from life-changing events such as trauma, disease, stroke, surgery, or chronic conditions. These events can require medical treatments or supervision, and rehabilitation and therapy is often the only way to gain renewed independence and a better quality of life.

We want every patient to achieve the highest level of recovery possible. We have a dedicated staff of veteran providers, serving seniors for decades. Join the Gateway Retirement Community family to help you achieve your rehabilitation goals as well.

Short Term Care Services Include:

•    Occupational Therapy
•    Physical Therapy
•    Speech/Language Therapy
•    Orthopedic Rehabilitation
•    Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
•    Cardiac Rehabilitation
•    Neuromuscular Therapy
•    Pulmonary Rehabilitation
•    Respiratory Therapy
•    Stroke Rehabilitation
•    Wound Care
•    Transitional Care

Better Care for Residents

Helping our patients recover and have better care is our highest priority. Our values shape every aspect of care for our residents. Learn more about our values.

Our Values

Gateway is proud to be a part of the Believe With Us Project. We believe that together we can create a better world. Each day we improve service and care by following our core values.

We Believe

•    We believe we can create a better world.

•    We Believe in inspiring happiness in everyone we encounter.

•    We Believe we share the responsibility to smile and be positive.

•    We Believe we are an openhearted family, respecting each person's individuality.

•    We Believe providing better care through education and training is the catalyst to overall success.

•    We Believe in impacting and engaging with our communities positively.

•    We Believe our leaders must exhibit compassion and respect to allow our team to create a culture of success.

•    We Believe we should strive for perfection, recognizing mistakes for continued improvement.

The Believe With Us project is a group of healthcare facilities that each strives to make a difference in the level of care delivered to residents. Together, these facilities have developed a core set of values to help inspire and lead us on the path to greatness.


Regain Your Independence

Recovery from life-altering events, such as stroke, surgery, trauma, and other health issues may require short or long-term rehabilitation before heading home. Our goal is to rejuvenate our patients, establishing a higher quality of life and level of functionality than they ever thought possible.

Gateway Retirement Community proudly features quality rehabilitation providers, offering occupational, physical, and speech therapies. Our expert staff will help you or your loved one recapture health and energy in a loving and compassionate environment.

Occupational Therapy

With the help of our occupational therapists, patients can achieve greater levels of independence in daily living. Our occupational therapists help patients adjust their actions to meet individual goals.

Physical Therapy

When bone, joint, heart, cognitive, or neuromuscular issues arise, physical therapy can help. Exercises, Evaluations, and treatments all play a vital role in recovering from short or long-term damage.

Speech Therapy

Licensed Speech and language pathologists help patients improve their communication, swallowing ability, and other eating issues that may have been affected due to an accident or health issue.


Our wide variety of on-site amenities promote happy and healthy living in the continuing care retirement community at Gateway.

We believe that comfort greatly enhances independence, so it's our mission to ensure each resident has access to a great lifestyle. Our continuing care program offers a full activity calendar with lifestyle and wellness routines, including daily trips and exercise classes.

Individual therapies, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy, are available for both short-term care and long-term care.

Core Values

In addition to our on-site amenities, we operate guided by a core set of values developed to create better quality care. Learn more about our core values.

Amenities Included

Residents get to choose from multiple floor plans for private apartments in both the assisted living and independent living buildings. Residents of these buildings also receive monthly house cleanings, along with utilities like heat, water, A/C, and satellite television.


Every day you or your loved one live with us is another day to enjoy one of our many social and engaging activities. Each building has an ongoing activity calendar with events and gatherings throughout the month. You'll love our on-campus concerts, bingo games, trips to the park, indoor bowling, arts and crafts, and more.

We encourage our residents to become part of an active lifestyle that promotes mental and physical health. Be sure to ask us about our offered exercise credits, available monthly to all private pay residents in our assisted living or independent living buildings!

Other Amenities Include

•    Community rooms and spacious lounges
•    Emergency call system with 24-hour monitoring
•    Patio for outdoor activities like gardening and bird watching
•    FREE transportation service available
•    Complimentary resident laundry
•    Professional cleaning crew
•    Garage-covered parking available
•    Chapel and multi-denominational religious services
•    Monthly activities calendar for each building
•    Residents of Gateway get precedence when transferring to a different building
•    Library

Room Amenities
Multiple Floor Plans
Private Rooms
Meals & Dining
Professional Chef
Dietary Accommodations
Property Amenities
  • On-Site Medical Staff
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry Service
  • Pet Friendly
  • Salon / Barber
  • 24-Hour Staff
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Transportation Services
  • Medication Management
  • Walking Paths
  • Fitness Center
  • Gathering / Activity Spaces
Social Activities



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