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Type of Senior Living

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Living well is the lifestyle you will find at Englewood Health and Rehabilitation. Our well-trained, compassionate staff supervises every aspect of our resident’s wellness. With 24-hour nursing care, Englewood focuses on the entire spectrum of one’s well-being; from their physical and emotional health to their needs for friendship and intellectual stimulation.

Our community is composed of multiple neighborhoods, with a community dining area, and a beautiful lounge. The rooms are decorated tastefully in a homelike manner while featuring electric beds, handicap accessible bathrooms and a team of eager professionals anxious to serve.


Englewood Health and Rehabilitation is committed to restoring our residents to their highest potential through kind, compassionate medical care.

Rehabilitation Options

At Englewood Health & Rehabilitation Center, we offer a seamless continuum of rehabilitation care for you to choose from:

    Skilled Nursing
    Memory Care

Skilled Nursing

We warmly greet and invite you to visit our community where people truly care about people. Families and love-ones just like you choose Englewood for short or long-term care based on our reputation and amenities. We offer professional nursing care by a dedicated team that focuses on the special needs and concerns of each resident.

Our goal is to help the resident reach and maintain their highest optimal level of self-care and independence as possible. We encourage and support our residents with daily activities designed to meet their individual needs with challenging opportunities and fun. Our team is extremely dedicated to improving every aspect of each resident’s health, recovery, productive and active lifestyle. This is all a part of our Living Well program.

Included in our skilled services are:

•    Wound management
•    IV therapy
•    Respiratory therapy
•    Tracheostomy/ostomy care
•    Tube feeding
•    Post-surgical care
•    Sub-acute care
•    Coordination of dialysis services

Rehabilitation Services

Our reputation for rehabilitation services is why people travel many miles to Englewood Health & Rehabilitation Center for rehabilitation services. Combining a highly skilled therapist along with specialized equipment and the latest technology, our team can provide the best outcomes in the quickest times.

Our therapists are extremely dedicated to improving every aspect of each resident’s health, recovery, productive and active lifestyle. Residents with specialized needs or medical complications will benefit from our rehabilitative expertise and superior resident care. Our innovative programs emphasize comprehensive approach, professional care, and optimal recovery.

Memory Care

We offer a safe and loving home for residents with dementia or Alzheimer's disease in our highly popular unit called Loretta Lane. Our associates are carefully selected and trained to support those with memory loss.  They serve with compassion and understanding while honoring the strengths and abilities of each individual while supporting families and friends on this journey.

Our daily program incorporates the understanding that the disease process can be slowed down when individuals are in the healthiest environment.  This environment consists of a variety of amenities and features.  A few of them are listed below:

Amenities & Features

    Diet: People with dementia or in early to moderate stages of Alzheimer's could have their cognitive impairment slowed or even reversed by switching to a healthier diet.
    Cognitive Stimulation: People with memory impairment, including those with Alzheimer's disease, still benefit from learning and mental activities to improve their quality of life and functioning.
    Stress-Free Environment: Stress hormones appear to exacerbate rapidly the formation of brain lesions; one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease. Therefore, stress management is an important factor in treating the disease.
    Physical Exercise & Healthy Lifestyle: Scientific evidence points to a relationship between brain health and cardiovascular system health.
    Memory through the Five Senses: A positive correlation exists between sensory-based therapies and improved memory, mood, and quality of life, even among those with Alzheimer's disease.
    Socialization: Socialization is an important component of treatment because people with dementia can recognize and appreciate attention.

Activities at Englewood

At Englewood, we know that every resident is unique and has special desires and interest that continue to grow throughout life. That is why make extra effort to create a community that goes well beyond physical support to a socially connected home with opportunities to challenge the mind, lift the spirits, revitalize purpose and nurture the heart.

We believe it provides the ultimate environment for a senior’s health and wellness. In addition, we believe that everyone can live one-regardless of challenges that may come with age.

Community Life

Englewood combines things that seniors want; supportive medical services, rehabilitation, fellowship, a beautiful residence and compassionate staff to create a healthy homelike environment. In addition, we continue to add options that promote healing and hope.

We know the more active our residents are the more likely they will feel healthy in both mind and body. That is why we encourage residents to visit our dining rooms, activity center, small group classes or head out for a facility sponsored shopping trip.

Each day we offer delicious meals with food options to satisfy every taste. In addition, we stage daily events that encourage social and interactive engagement with other residents and staff. After breakfast meet up with a neighbor for coffee in one of our beautiful lounges and catch the latest neighborhood news. Plan the day according to how busy they wish to be. Visit the activity center to finish a puzzle or head to an exercise class to build up strength. Make sure to leave time to play cards with new friends and do not forget the evening activity, which may be a country and western singer, or some other exciting evening event that is sure to draw a smile.

Our staff has been carefully selected and trained to meet the needs of our residents. Whether the need is comfort or deciphering a unique illness our team will be there to support, encourage and provide the care needed.

Room Amenities
Private Rooms
Meals & Dining
Professional Chef
Dietary Accommodations
Property Amenities
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry Service
  • 24-Hour Staff
  • Transportation Services
  • Medication Management
  • Walking Paths
  • Fitness Center
  • Gathering / Activity Spaces



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