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Type of Senior Living

  • Home Health and Hospice
  • Nursing Home
  • Assisted Living
  • At-Home Care


Assisted Living and Care Homes

Elegant Living and Quality Care

Our Serenity Care family creates a loving environment. A place where your loved one will experience the comforts of home, while we provide quality medical based care. We ask you to  simply judge for yourself, when you walk in and meet with our team  members you will feel the difference at Serenity Care Health.

It begins with our staff, which includes a Medical Doctor, a Board Certified Psychiatrist, Nurses, CNA's, LVN's as well as loving Carestaff who oversee the care of our residents. From the moment you enter one of our homes, you will feel a  warm greeting with professional and attentive services. With over 35  years of experience, there is nothing quite like Serenity Care Health.

Serenity Care Health is the only Assisted Living provider to operate Medical Clinics as well as have a physician as our Chief Medical Officer. Our attention to medical care is not surpassed by other home. We take great pride in our ability to excel where others have not been able to. Where other facilities will send your loved one to another location for a higher level of care. Or not be able to provide the necessary adjustments, staffing or training to be able to ensure maximum comfort for your family member; WE CAN! 

We continue to be a leader in care in southern California. Our overall care combined with the feeling of community, family, safety is what you will see the moment you work with us. We urge you to visit our community and see the difference in level of medical expertise that we have here at Serenity Care Health.  

Our guarantee is to provide the highest quality of healthcare  professionals. Serenity Care Health thoroughly screens each applicant  and follows an internal quality assurance program to ensure we are  hiring the most highly-qualified candidates. We work with many locations  in many different capacities with the sole goal being to enhance  quality. To the right are locations that we own, operate or assist in  its well being. We truly believe in Quality Care for ALL!

Family Owned, Professionally Operated Assisted Living Facilities

Serenity Care Health began with an idea to provide something unique, given the changing demographics of our aging population. In the twilight of one’s life, it is now possible for it to be enjoyably spent, not  only for the resident, but for their loved ones and family members as  well. Family members can visit and share memories while seeing their  loved one living comfortably in the most loving of environments.

My father, Dr. Lawrence Ogbechie, MD, after serving as a Physician  for over 35 years noticed that many facilities and nursing homes where his patients stayed were not the ideal place for a person who truly needed care but wanted to gleefully enjoy their life…so he told me, "if one doesn't exist, you should create such a place!" And so it began.

I took that inspiration and ran with it to create Serenity Care Health. Incorporating the values from both my father, a physician, and my mother who a retired health inspector for Los Angeles County Department  of Public Health.

Our mission is simple; The Serenity Care family creates a loving environment. A place where your loved one will experience the comforts of home, while we provide the very best care. We ask you to simply judge for yourself. When you walk in and meet with our team members you will feel the difference we provide at Serenity Care Health,  where your family is our family.

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  • 24-Hour Staff
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  • Fitness Center
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