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Type of Senior Living

  • Home Health and Hospice
  • Independent Living
  • Nursing Home
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • At-Home Care


Avendelle at Lavendale Circle - Dallas, TX

This beautiful property, located in North Dallas, Texas, sits in a quiet residential community surrounded by conveniences. The Avendelle at Lavendale Circle assisted living home offers residents private bedrooms, housekeeping and grooming assistance, and 24/7 expert care from qualified caregivers.

Residents of this home enjoy large rooms with lots of natural light, fellowship with other residents, and relaxing outdoor time in the lush backyard and gazebo areas. To receive more information about current availability at this location, please contact us today. Request more information about this home’s specific offerings below.

Home Features, Services, and Information

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Home Features & Services

* 24-hour personalized care and supervision
* Visiting physicians
* Visiting hairdresser and hair washing station
* Private bedrooms
* Full bathrooms
* Social, leisure, recreational, and educational activities
* Alarm system on exit doors
* Cable TV
* Telephone available for residents use
* Housekeeping services for all residents
* Three nutritious meals per day and three snacks (We are happy to accommodate special diets and food preferences)

Our Senior Living Homes

In 2016, we chose to move forward with offering our care nationwide, changing our name from The Haven Family Care Homes to Avendelle Assisted Living. This change reflected a new chapter for Avendelle, our goal being to emerge as the premier provider of small, intimate senior living home options. Our homes are just that homes, not institutionalized facilities in which everyone is forced to operate on the same schedule. With smaller populations, we’re able to allow each resident freedom and provide customized care. Our experienced staff members care deeply about the well-being of our residents and take pride in maintaining a high standard of living for all.

Our Vision for Quality Care

At Avendelle Assisted Living, we understand why seniors want to stay at home for as long as possible. We feel a sincere responsibility to develop new ways to meet the needs and sustain the quality of life for our aging loved ones. Our seniors deserve better than they often get in today’s society. We’re committed to making a healthy, happy lifestyle a reality for everyone, regardless of age. We do this by focusing on three key areas.

Living Safely

When staying in an existing home becomes too demanding, difficult, or dangerous, Avendelle provides seniors a safe place that’s as close to home as possible. We’ve invested in the safety equipment and response procedures for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory assisted-living residents. All of our residential assisted-living homes are equipped with fire sprinkler systems and electronic medical record systems. For aging seniors, being safe can also mean having someone notice the first signs of a new problem. Our incredible, knowledgeable assisted-living caregivers get to know each resident’s routines and patterns. They’re always paying attention so that no change in mood, health, or sleep goes unnoticed.

Living Independently

Though our caregivers are in the home around the clock every day to help residents with anything they need, we also understand the importance of feeling useful. If our residents want to help fold the clothes or set the table, we encourage them to do so. Our residents opinions matter, and we’re here to help them be as independent as they want to and are able to be. Moving to an Avendelle home doesn't have to mean starting a new life. It can, of course, but many of our residents choose us because they want to carry on with normal life. We provide a safe, active, and nurturing environment that genuinely feels like being at home.

Living Comfortably

Comfort is one of the most intimidating things about moving to an assisted-living home. People understandably get used to having their things just so, and suddenly they’re asked to compromise what comfort means to them to get the help they need. With Avendelle, you don't have to choose. Our senior residents are actively involved in creating the home in which they live. They can decorate, choose activities, and maintain their preferred schedule without missing anything. No complaint, need, or desire goes ignored. While we may not be able to fulfill every wish, we will be there to hear it and give our residents the things they can't do without.

Our Guaranteed Quality Care

Find out what makes us different from other assisted living homes.

Avendelle Assisted Living Homes has focused on providing premier, personalized care in the Dallas, TX area for years, and we’re now expanding to offer our level of care nationwide. With a 4:1 ratio of residents to caregivers, we provide safe, comfortable atmospheres that are homelike instead of feeling like a facility. This allows our residents to have freedom and flexibility, to feel like they don't have to give up the lifestyle they're used to. We take the time to listen to each individual’s needs and preferences instead of blanketing our care. Want to know how we maintain this high level of atmosphere

All-Inclusive Pricing

One issue with many other assisted living facilities is that they pack on additional fees. Costs initially discussed can quickly escalate due to hidden add-ons. However, Avendelle Assisted Living makes a point to be all-inclusive with our pricing. We do not have hidden fees, and we do not accumulate add-ons. Our cost is reflective of every service we provide. We maintain a high standard of integrity in our pricing, as seen in the comparison displayed below.

Inspire Independence & Health

We believe that entering an assisted living home doesn't mean you stop caring for yourself. While we certainly help our residents with whatever they need, we continue to encourage our seniors to remain active until no longer realistic. We make it a priority to get seniors involved in cooking, light physical activity, games, and everyday self-care, such as grooming. It’s our experience that remaining active keeps the body, mind, and spirit in better working order for longer.

Personalized Care & Living

As stated previously, we are not an institution. We do not operate by the same procedures as many facilities, where care is blanketed or viewed as one-size-fits-all. It’s important to us to get to know each resident as an individual with his or her own needs, likes, dislikes, comfort level, abilities, schedule, etc. As much as possible, we allow residents to operate on their own schedules and choose their activities. As long as safety or health is not compromised, we respect our seniors enough to let them make their own choices, and we try to tailor care to each person.

Memory Care

In addition to traditional assisted living, Avendelle also provides memory care services for seniors struggling with dementia. If you suspect your loved one is living with Alzheimer's or related dementia issues, our staff is trained and experienced in providing 24/7 supervision and assistance with daily living. Our caregivers are sensitive to the needs of seniors with dementia and work to help both you and your loved one make the transition gracefully.

An Established Alternative

Avendelle isn't just getting started as a provider of long-term service and support. We’ve been caring for aging seniors in full-time residential settings for 13 years. Our community of qualified caregivers is both substantial and selective. Because we’re committed to delivering superior personalized care, those caregivers are proud to be part of our team and maintain high levels of satisfaction and morale. As the availability of family caregivers decreases nationwide, Avendelle is committed to maintaining an at-home, family-like environment for seniors whose families are unable to provide at-home care. While other homes are just getting into the business, our team is in their second decade, delivering exceptional quality care in a licensed environment.

About Avendelle

Avendelle Assisted Living provides premier assisted living homes for seniors. We respect seniors and strive to give them top-quality, all-inclusive care.


Room Amenities
Private Rooms
Meals & Dining
Professional Chef
Dietary Accommodations
Property Amenities
  • On-Site Medical Staff
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry Service
  • 24-Hour Staff
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Transportation Services
  • Medication Management
  • Walking Paths
  • Fitness Center
  • Gathering / Activity Spaces
Social Activities



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