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MorningStar Memory Care at Englefield Green


  • On-Site Medical Staff
  • Chef Prepared Meals
  • Dietary Accommodations
  • Transportation Services
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry Service
  • 24-Hour Staff
  • Medication Management
  • Security
  • Planned Activities
  • Pet Friendly
  • Multiple Floor Plans
  • Private Rooms
  • Fitness Center
  • Activity Space
  • Theater Room
  • Beauty Salon
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Walking Paths
  • Free Wi-Fi

Living Types

  • Senior Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Independent Living
  • Memory Care
  • Nursing Home
  • At-Home Care
  • Respite Care


Memory Care – Boise’s Most Compassionate Care

Boise, Idaho…voted #1 in the 2019 Top 100 Best Places to Live by Livibility.com. As a trusted provider of memory care Boise families rely on, MorningStar at Englefield Green cares for those with mild to advanced stages of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Newly opened in the fall of 2017, we take a unique, holistic approach to memory care, striving to find ways to connect with and nurture the individual, whatever the level of memory loss.

Our community offers 50 suites including spacious studios, and one- and two-bedroom apartments as well as all of the amenities and services to ensure the comfort, safety and wellbeing of our residents.

Memory Care from the Dementia Experts: Under a “Lavender Sky”

At MorningStar at Englefield Green, we feel it is our calling—our privilege—to serve our most tender seniors, to provide the type of care that affirms their dignity and value. We also differ from other senior living communities in that our community was purpose-built to encourage and support a resident’s right to choice and independence to the fully extent possible.

As dementia care experts, our unique philosophy and approach to memory care is encompassed under the possibilities we call “Lavender Sky,” in which we compassionately choose to thoughtfully enter, embrace, and explore. By leveraging the power of music, dance, art, aromatherapy, and animals, we comfort and heal, and have proudly created a community that feels like a true home.

Once a family makes the decision to entrust Englefield Green with the care of their loved one, we meet with them to learn as much as we can about the individual’s background, talents, interests and personal preferences (to know me is to love me). All residents participate in a range of purposeful and meaningful activities and engage in specials events and outings.

The diagnosis of dementia is devastating, but we are here to walk with you through this difficult journey. If you need loving, professional memory care in Boise, Idaho, trust the experts at MorningStar at Englefield Green.

MorningStar at Englefield Green embodies the very best in senior living with a distinct mission statement of “to honor, to serve, to invest” that sets us apart from other senior living communities. Our foundation is built on honoring God, valuing seniors and investing in a staff with a felt calling to serve, and offers loving, compassionate care in a beautiful setting. Please set up a tour to learn more about the finest individualized memory care in Boise.

Independent Living

Men and women move to MorningStar for a refreshing change of lifestyle with built-in companionship, predictable budgeting, activities and programming, and tasty meals they no longer need to cook. Under our roof, seniors enjoy stress-free living, a season that extends their independence and continues the adventure.

Healthy and active, they seek relaxation and society in their retirement years. For these residents, we offer resort-style amenities and pure fun. Perhaps you’d like to pop into our PageTurners Book Club, give our Inklings Writing Group a try, or cheer along at a NFL booster party. Your family is warmly invited to enjoy our live entertainment or yet another holiday celebration.

We handle all the maintenance, inside and out, and offer weekly housekeeping. Our Independent Living suites are equipped with their own washer/dryer, and full kitchens for the meals you feel like preparing on your own.

Our operating license does not permit us to extend care to those in our Independent Living neighborhood, however we can arrange for home health agencies to serve you, if the need arises.

Assisted Living

With a Little Help From My Friends

Senior man painting with young girlThe only difference in our senior years is that we may have to open ourselves to a little help once in a while. And from that level of honesty and transparency, we enter into a truer human experience, one in which we can receive—and give—love. It becomes quite a lovely exchange of mutual blessing.

In our Assisted Living neighborhoods, MorningStar offers various levels of support with the activities of daily living, each type of assistance determined after an assessment with our Wellness Director, working in agreement with the senior and extended family. In all cases, around-the-clock Care Managers, on site and at the ready, ensure your safety as they meet your expressed (and even unexpressed) needs.

For you, the senior, it is our team’s responsibility to remember you prefer coffee with cream, or that you hail from Youngstown, Ohio. It’s our pleasure to help you choose an outfit for dinner on the town. It’s our gift to respond to you with thoughtfulness, and encourage independence wherever it can be found, and to instill self-confidence in all that you are and all that you are contributing.

For you, the family member, perhaps all this talk about assisted living is attended with feelings of guilt. You wish you could open your own home to a beloved senior, but other commitments and constraints prevent you. Perhaps you are now the caregiver, and feel apprehensive about turning that role over to someone else, even though your selflessness is taking its toll on your own health and well being.

A Candid Word to the Spouse or Adult Child

Perhaps all this talk about assisted living communities is attended with feelings of guilt in you as the spouse or adult child of a senior in need. You wish you could open your own home to a beloved senior, but other commitments and constraints prevent you. Perhaps you are now the caregiver, and feel apprehensive about turning that role over to someone else, even though your selflessness is taking its toll on your own health and well being.

Please know we are here not to replace you, but to walk beside you and your spouse or parent—all in the hope of being an additional loving presence in all of your lives. And if you allow MorningStar to assume the full-time role of Care Manager, the two of you are free to reestablish a more balanced relationship. Finally relax. Share a laugh. Enjoy each other.

Many of us on the MorningStar team have walked this same road with our own aging moms and dads. We too have marked the passage of time, and seen the need for a lifestyle adjustment. We too have sought advice from others, and wended our way through plenty of heart-to-heart talks. We have helped to redistribute possessions piled high after years of accumulation, to sell the family home of half a century, and to make the tender decisions.

Memory Care

Many of us joke of “senior moments” when we have glitches in our memory. However, a true diagnosis of brain disease, where memory loss and other cognitive functions deteriorate, is a heavy blow. It ushers seniors and their families onto an entirely different path: a “purple path,” a winding and mysterious road. MorningStar is honored to walk alongside the memory-impaired (and their families) on this unexpected journey.

Whatever the extent of the memory loss, whatever the form of dementia, we know a person’s essence remains. Our calling—our privilege—at MorningStar is to find ways to connect with and nurture that essence. Our energies are put toward continuing to find ways to celebrate and elevate life.

MorningStar’s philosophy and approach to this kind of supported living is encompassed under the expanse of possibilities we call “Lavender Sky.” Under a Lavender Sky, our ambition is to thoughtfully enter, embrace and explore.


Dementia is an entirely different and isolating world. Here, involuntarily, the memory-impaired enter, and remain. Into this world, a corps of the most amazing souls also choose to enter…drawn by compassion. In loving support for the memory-impaired, we enter with insight and intentionality. As agents of comfort, we step into their “purple world,” crossing over the physical, emotional and boundaries that would otherwise separate us. As dementia care experts, MorningStar endeavors to educate families in how to follow our lead and enter too.


Embracing the world of dementia begins by accepting the diagnosis (difficult as that can be), and the fact that this is now the path we must walk, together. As much, we embrace a deep understanding of brain disease, whatever the form of dementia that has taken hold. We embrace whatever changes are needed in our own communication style, willingly changing us, for their sake. We embrace disruption for the discovery and innovation it reveals. We embrace each moment, ransoming it for joy, as we embrace residents physically, knowing the power of human touch. Most centrally, we embrace hope—that it remains, even now. You just have to know where to look.


Under a Lavender Sky, exploration is boundless. It must be, for dementia itself is expansive, each form manifesting differently in each person. As care partners, exploring means being resourceful, finding individualized solutions, and resolving to begin anew (for what worked yesterday may not work today). We explore a person’s life, history and preferences to offer personalized care. We explore ways to involve and engage family members, knowing our service is as much to them as to the residing senior.

It is our distinct honor to partner with the Alzheimer’s Association in every market in which we serve, supporting the local chapter with our time, talent and treasure. We serve on their boards and committees. We fund-raise all year long. We participate in their centerpiece initiatives, like Memories in the Making, The Longest Day and Walk to End Alzheimer’s. See Giving Back Locally.

If you are in immediate need of encouragement, right now, please call the Alzheimer’s Association’s Hotline at 1.800.272.3900.

Day Program

A Better Light to Live By–MorningStar Day Program

Picture of two women smiling, one has hands on shoulder of other

Nights are for restful slumber. But days—glorious, sunshiny days—are for living: up and at ‘em, seizing opportunities to connect with others, exercise mind and body, and invest in our own well-being.

Yet, in Elderhood with its accumulating losses, we are at risk of isolation. Far too many seniors are enduring a marginalized existence. Even those living with adult children can face days that stretch out in emptiness and idleness.

Enter MorningStar’s Day Program, where seniors have an opportune setting in which to make new friends and reap the rewards of community life. Here they can enjoy their meals and snacks, welcoming faces, and our full calendar of Life Enrichment (intellectual, physical, social and spiritual) activities, whether for a full or half day.

Day programs are not permitted by the Department of Health in some states in which we serve.

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