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  • On-Site Medical Staff
  • Chef Prepared Meals
  • Dietary Accommodations
  • Transportation Services
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry Service
  • 24-Hour Staff
  • Medication Management
  • Security
  • Planned Activities
  • Pet Friendly
  • Multiple Floor Plans
  • Private Rooms
  • Fitness Center
  • Activity Space
  • Theater Room
  • Beauty Salon
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Walking Paths
  • Free Wi-Fi

Living Types

  • Senior Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Independent Living
  • Memory Care
  • Nursing Home
  • At-Home Care
  • Respite Care


Enlivant is about living, fully and passionately. Being part of a welcoming, vibrant community. Enjoying a sense of fun at every age. Thriving in mind, body, and spirit.

Over the course of more than 35 years, we’ve been enriching the lives of thousands of residents in hundreds of senior living communities across 27 states. Our nearly 7,000 dedicated caregivers bring professional quality senior care to every resident—along with a level of genuine warmth and compassion that makes Enlivant much more than a senior living community. To our residents, we’re home.

See for yourself. Schedule a tour of the Enlivant community near you by calling 888-252-5001. Not sure what level of senior care you or your loved one needs? We can help. Interested in learning more about our mission, vision and values? Learn more here about our aspirations and discover what drives us every day as a senior living organization.

Independent Living

Many seniors choose independent living communities when they do not require care and wish to continue living alone, but want to develop social connections in a larger community. Residents enjoy the benefits of living in their own home without the burden of maintenance or upkeep while having access to amenities like dining and activities
What Is Independent Living and Who Is It a Good Option For?

Independent living for seniors is best suited for loved ones who no longer wish to live entirely alone but would rather reside within a larger community of seniors and benefit from the amenities offered. Residents within independent senior living communities enjoy the best of both worlds—they live on their own but receive assistance with home maintenance and certain household tasks, such as housekeeping, dining, laundry, and organization of social activities.

Some other independent living resources include housing options that are pet-friendly, and amenities such as covered parking, a community pool, and a fitness room.

When Your Loved One Needs More Help

If you or your loved one needs a bit more help than Independent Living services can offer, Enlivant’s assisted living communities may provide the additional support you’re looking for. Click here to read more about Enlivant’s assisted living communities.

What is an Independent Living Community Like?

Independent living communities place the focus on individual residents. Loved ones who reside in an independent living community can come and go as they please, without worrying about making meals or performing home maintenance tasks. Our independent living communities are thriving communities where seniors can participate in the hobbies they’ve always loved, dabble in new interests, and interact with friends.

Residents at an independent living community enjoy access to an array of amenities, including housekeeping, dining, laundry, and social activities. Chefs prepare and serve three meals per day (plus snacks) from a menu designed by a dietician.

Seniors can choose from a wealth of enriching activities, including strength and balance classes, games, cards, cultural events, family nights, wellness lectures, church services, and other resident-centric clubs.

Understanding the Costs of Independent Living

Independent living care is typically funded by private pay, not Medicare, Medicaid, or medical insurance. The cost is solely for room and board and other extras that a resident may choose. Check out the Enlivant Affordability Calculator.

Find an Enlivant Community Offering Independent Living

Many Enlivant communities offer both Assisted Living and Independent Living services onsite, so loved ones can remain surrounded by a supportive community and skilled caregivers if their care needs change.

Senior Assisted Living

If you are concerned that a senior you love needs help they don’t have at home, consider the benefits of assisted living.

First, let’s answer the question “What is assisted living?” Assisted living communities offer support for seniors who need help caring for themselves or their homes. They can provide personal care, like assistance with bathing, grooming, or dressing, and medication reminders. They can also provide services like meal preparation, housekeeping, and home maintenance. Many communities that provide assisted living for seniors also offer short-term respite care.

We can help you understand senior housing options and determine if assisted living is the right choice for you and your loved ones.
What Does Assisted Living Provide?

Enlivant offers compassionate care with support for activities of daily living (ADLs) in an intimate community setting. We provide attentive, individualized care that enables residents to thrive in body, mind, and spirit. For every new resident, we complete a thorough health assessment, which provides the starting point for an individual care plan.

In every assisted living community, care is delivered by a full-time licensed nurse and a team of Resident Care Partners. Our communities are staffed around-the-clock, and a licensed nurse is available 24 hours a day to provide clinical oversight and coordination of care.

Our assisted living apartments include:

Assistance with activities of daily living, including dressing, bathing, and dining
Meals and snacks every day, with a dietician-supervised menu
Nursing oversight
Care for chronic conditions like diabetes
Medication management
Housekeeping and laundry
Apartment maintenance and repairs

At Enlivant’s assisted living facilities, your loved one will have the ability to participate in a wealth of activities, including social, recreational, and wellness programs, arts and crafts, community outings, and outdoor activities such as gardening. Many of Enlivant’s residences include off-site transportation for shopping, banking, and cultural events. There are even welcoming places for your loved one to enjoy time with family and friends, private outdoor spaces to take in fresh air, and quiet spots for relaxation.

Many Enlivant communities also coordinate with physicians and other health professionals to provide onsite services. We assist residents with mild cognitive impairment and memory loss in their day-to-day activities and offer programming to meet their individual needs and interests. In some Enlivant communities, we do provide specialized and secure memory care for seniors with advanced dementia.

When Is It Time for Assisted Living

Have you ever wondered, “When is it time for assisted living?” Enlivant can help you determine what options you and your loved one have and when you should start looking. A loved one’s increasing physical limitations are a common sign that it may be time to look closely at helping him or her move into an assisted living community. Limitations may include mobility problems, which can lead to falling, as well as the inability to attend to personal grooming, dressing, and daily hygiene. More serious health risks can also prompt a move into assisted living. If a loved on has recently suffered a heart attack or stroke, they will likely benefit from the care (including assistance with medication) provided in an assisted living community. Click HERE to learn more about when to consider assisted living.

Often there are signs that living at home is no longer the best option. Many seniors are initially unsure about moving to an assisted living community. Sometimes it’s because they don’t know what to expect, and other times it’s because they can still manage at home with support from family and friends. This can make it difficult to decide when staying home is no longer the best option for your parent. Here are a few things that can help determine when senior assisted living is right for your loved one.

Safety Concerns
Physical limitations can increase with age, making falls a serious risk. Assisted living may be the right choice to prevent accidents in the home. Every assisted living apartment features an emergency alert system. Our staff is available on-site day and night, should your relative need us.

Social Isolation
Withdrawing from friends and regular activities because of declining health, embarrassment over memory or personal care issues, or lack of mobility, can lead to isolation, loneliness, and even depression. Assisted living communities offer a social, supportive community.

When daily or routine tasks are difficult to manage alone, more help may be needed than can be provided by a caregiver or loved one. We provide person-centered care designed around your loved one’s unique needs.

When taking care of a loved one is interfering with other aspects of life, an assisted living community may be able to improve the quality of life for both the senior and the caregiver.

Memory loss is another factor that adult children of seniors must consider when deciding whether or not to move a parent into assisted living. Forgetfulness can lead to overlooking problems or dangers, like getting lost or leaving the stove on. It can also lead to forgetting to eat or take necessary medication. When a loved one’s memory is affecting the ability to perform necessary daily tasks, it may be time to start looking into an assisted living community.

If your loved one’s memory issues are more significant, it may be time to consider memory care. Click HERE to learn more about Enlivant’s memory care services.

When Assisted Living isn’t Enough

Sometimes, a loved one needs more care than assisted living can provide. In this case, we would recommend a skilled nursing facility.

Nursing homes are for people who require significant medical care, such as a specialized line for IV medications, a ventilator, respiratory therapy, or have a stage 3–4 pressure ulcer (bed sore). Essentially, any senior who needs medical treatment that requires the care of a registered nurse around the clock or daily therapy services will need a skilled-care setting.

A stay in a skilled nursing facility is akin to a hospital stay. It is often temporary, with the goal being rehabilitating a patient and then moving him or her to assisted living or back home. A nursing home may be a permanent placement for a person with significant physical or medical needs.

The Difference Between Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing

Assisted living is ideal for seniors who need help with some tasks—such as bathing, meal preparation, and dressing—but who do not require constant nursing care. Assisted living communities are not synonymous with “nursing homes.” As opposed to a nursing home that is focused on offering round-the-clock nursing care from certified nursing staff, an assisted living community is a thriving and vibrant environment with licensed care services when needed.

Assisted living includes a care team available 24 hours per day to help residents with eating, mobility, and medication reminders, also known as ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). Seniors enjoy three meals per day and snacks from a dietitian-supervised menu.

Find out more about the differences between assisted living and skilled nursing.

Understanding the Costs of Assisted Living

At Enlivant, we understand it’s not always easy moving your loved one into an assisted living community. It’s an emotional decision that comes with financial concerns and questions. How much does assisted living cost? Are there extra fees? Is it affordable? Does my mom or dad have benefits that can offset the costs?

Learn more about how we determine the cost of assisted living.

Need More Help?

If you see warning signs, it’s important to figure out how much care your loved one needs and what options are available. Assisted living offers social opportunities for seniors while also providing the needed assistance with ADLs. The earlier you start the conversation, the easier the transition can be on your parent or loved one.

Memory Care

Caring for those with Dementia

When dementia affects someone you love, it also affects you. That’s why our compassionate memory care services extend beyond our residents to include support for their friends and family. We can help you better understand dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, determine when memory care may be appropriate, and learn more about why Enlivant is the best choice for your loved one’s memory care community.
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Understanding Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
When to Consider Memory Care
Enlivant’s Memory Care Community

Understanding Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

As we grow older, some memory loss is normal as result of physical changes in the aging brain. Some older adults, however, may suffer a level of memory loss that damages their most cherished memories and makes the world a confusing and frightening place. And many may even find ways to hide or compensate for their cognitive decline for years or decades.

Dementia is a broad term for a set of symptoms that result in impaired thinking and memory. Alzheimer’s disease is a common type of dementia, but there are several others (including Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease). Symptoms of dementia include:

Memory loss
Impaired judgment
Personality changes
Problems with balance and coordination

Different forms of dementia progress in different ways. The experience of dementia is different for everyone, and that experience can change day to day, or even hour to hour. For seniors and their loved ones alike, dementia can be difficult to understand and accept. Enlivant is here to help you learn more about caring for seniors with dementia.

When to Consider Memory Care

It can be incredibly challenging to determine when it’s time to move a loved one into a memory care community. Adapted from the Alzheimer’s Association, the following questions can help you consider whether your loved one could benefit from living in one of Enlivant’s memory care communities:

Is your loved one becoming unsafe in his or her current home?
Is the health of your loved one at risk?
Are your loved one’s needs beyond your physical abilities as a caregiver?
Are you becoming a stressed, irritable, or impatient caregiver?
Are you neglecting work responsibilities, your family, or yourself?
Would the structure and social interaction in a memory care environment benefit your loved one?

If you answered “yes” to several of these questions, we encourage you to learn more about Enlivant’s memory care communities. We’re here to help you assess your situation, and to decide if your loved one requires the specialized attention of our memory care community.

If it is time, we’ll help you make the move as seamless as possible. With your help, we can create an individualized living space that reflects your loved one’s life story. Together, we can help them feel at home in their new home.

If you answered no to a majority of the questions, but would like to learn more about our other communities, please visit our Senior Living Options page.

Enlivant’s Memory Care Community

While dementia results from changes in the brain, the illness can eventually affect every part of a person’s physical, social, and emotional wellness. At Enlivant, we provide a person-centered approach to specialized memory care that recognizes individual needs and is designed to support the safety and well being of your loved one as well as give you piece of mind.

We understand that when your loved one suffers from dementia, they need special care. Through our close-knit communities, we get to know our residents and their family members as individuals and find personal ways to make connections. Our daily programming is built around each resident with a flexible schedule and includes activities that provide meaning and purpose while promoting independence.

Exceptional Caregivers

Compassionate, Specialized Care

As dementia progresses it affects a person’s physical, social and emotional wellness, and eventually it requires round-the-clock supervision. Our comprehensive approach to memory care includes caregivers who are trained to meet the unique needs of individuals with progressive memory loss. This includes personal care and assistance with:

Care for moderate to severe dementia
Coordination for activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, ambulation
Consistent observation of resident healthcare needs
Care for behaviors such as wandering or exit-seeking
Coordination of doctor’s appointments and restorative programs with physical, occupational, or speech therapists
Responsiveness to emergency situations

Certified for Excellence

A caring heart is one part of the equation. The other is expertise. To provide optimal care, Enlivant’s memory care employees receive monthly training and are certified in the Alzheimer’s Association CARES® EssentiALZ. Studies show employees trained specifically in dementia care can provide better quality of life.

Supportive, Safe, and Comforting Environment

A Neighborhood Designed for Living

From the warm, home-like décor to the beautiful, courtyards,our memory care community provides thoughtfully designed personal and communal spaces, designed to create a positive sensory experience, a sense of freedom and belonging, and better outcomes for our residents. Private and semi-private apartments offer a place for quiet, rest, and personal care while shared spaces indoors and outdoors provide room to gather, socialize, share meals, and exercise.

Memory boxes at each resident’s door display personal photos, newspaper clippings, and objects that reflect their most precious memories. Music and aromatherapy bring cherished sounds and scents to the neighborhood.

Dining for Health and Social Benefits

Forgetting to eat and drink can lead to nutrient deficiencies and dehydration, which can make dementia symptoms worse. Our meals are specially prepared to fit the dietary needs of our residents, and mealtimes give everyone in the community the chance to enjoy food and company. We make the dining experience easy and enjoyable, and offer ample snacks and drinks throughout the neighborhood at other times of the day. Shared meals bring people together, and it is no different in our memory care communities.

Structure with Flexibility

Daily schedules offer a comforting and predictable routine. In the evenings, staff and residents meet for friendship and comforting activities designed to proactively address late-day restlessness and confusion. We understand that each day varies, however, and our schedules are adapted to meet the needs of our residents.

Safety and Security

The safety and well-being of our community is a top priority. Our memory care communities offer secured outdoor spaces and enhanced security measures like key-padded access and alarm doors enhance security, as well as personalized plan of care and ongoing assessments that address the ever-changing cognitive and physical capabilities of each memory care resident.

We Build Personal Connections

Purposeful Activities

Knowing all we can about our residents—including family history, careers, hobbies, and values—helps us connect in a genuine and caring way. It also allows us to design programming and activities that combine personal meaning with a purpose: to rekindle a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction while helping residents reminisce and maintain their hobbies and interests.

Family Involvement and Support

When your loved one joins our neighborhood, we welcome you and other friends and family members to visit any day and join in activities with loved ones, as well as attend our monthly family meetings.

Assisted Living Activities & Amenities

Fun and Fellowship

In our close-knit communities, we draw on the interests of our residents and staff to build a robust calendar of activities and experiences that bring us together. That way, each community can offer exactly the right blend of activities to best stimulate every mind, body and spirit.

What Moves You?

You’ll find many ways to keep moving at our communities. Choose from exercise classes tailored to all abilities, take walks in the sunshine, and garden with friends on our private patio. Since there’s a world to enjoy outside our doors, we also provide scheduled transportation for shopping, recreation, and cultural outings. And we can help with travel to appointments, faith services, and activities you schedule on your own. Here are some of the activities we host regularly:
Social and recreation programs
Wellness programs
Activities and crafts
Community outings
Outdoor activities

Customized Dining

One of the best places to connect is over great food. Our dining program offers residents a variety of options at every meal, with table service at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, seven days a week. There are also snacks each day. Our menu is chef-prepared, dietician supervised, and in most cases, can be customized to accommodate dietary preferences.

We believe everybody should be surrounded by people who care about them. So we staff our community with individuals who embody the balance of compassion and professionalism we’re known for—ensuring that every one of our residents receives the constant flow of support he or she needs to thrive: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Managing every aspect of community satisfaction is the primary focus of your Executive Director.
Overseeing your quality of care, both within the community and through coordination with your third-party providers, is the responsibility of your Care Services Manager.
Making the move here easier for you is the goal of your Community Relations Manager.
Personally providing day-to- day care and monitoring the wellbeing of every resident is the duty of your team of Resident Care Partners.
Serving delicious homemade food cooked to individual resident tastes and nutritional needs is the pleasure of your community’s Chef.
Keeping your apartment and other community spaces comfortable, tidy, and functioning properly is the mission of your Housekeeper and Maintenance Technician.
Energizing the community every day with assisted living activities designed to engage mind, body, and spirit, is the objective of your Life Enrichment Coordinator.

The Benefits of Short Term Respite Care

Many Enlivant communities offer convenient short-term respite care services with all of the personal benefits and amenities we provide our long-term residents.

You might consider short-term respite care when you need:

Extra assistance before returning home after a hospital stay
Continued short-term rehabilitation after a hip or knee replacement
A place to stay when an emergency has made your home unsafe or uninhabitable

A short-term respite care stay can also help you experience what an Enlivant community has to offer and see how you fit in with the residents who live there before you decide to become a full-time resident.

If you are a caregiver, you might also consider a respite stay when you need a break — whether it’s for work, a vacation, or just a much-needed breather — and you don’t want to leave a parent who is not fully independent.

Respite Care and Services

We begin each stay with a detailed evaluation to create an individualized care plan. Our care includes nursing observation, assistance with activities of daily living (like dressing and bathing), medication management, scheduled transportation and much more.

We offer flexible dining options, providing healthy menus created with oversight from a registered dietician, and serving three meals and day and snacks in our community dining rooms.

We provide a range of engaging activities that bring together residents and staff and contribute to our lively, stimulating atmosphere. We are committed to creating an environment where all residents can thrive.

We define respite care as a stay of less than 30 days — after that, prevailing rates and a move-in fee will apply. Care and service levels may vary by Enlivant community.

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