Why Independent Living Communities Are Great for Seniors

Why Independent Living Communities Are Great for Seniors

5 Benefits of Independent Living Communities

Independence has a greater meaning to seniors as they reach a point where every aspect of their life changes with age. Seniors crave independence to establish control in their ever-changing lives and because they feel like that's where their value lies. This is why many elderlies want to age in place despite numerous physical and health risks. Luckily, you don't always have to compromise your safety to retain your independence. You can opt to stay independent and enjoy an active life while staying in a community that supports you against some of the disadvantages of growing old alone. You can achieve this by transitioning into an independent living community. But what is it, and how can it benefit you as a senior 

What Is an Independent Living Community?

Independent living communities refer to a type of senior retirement home where residents can live independently within a community of like-minded people. Here, seniors can engage and thrive in their preferred independent lifestyle with the luxury of having easily accessible assistance and support when needed. Communities provide services and amenities to ensure that older adults live in complete comfort and convenience. Thus, making it a more desirable option than living alone. Some of the essential services offered in various independent living facilities include:

  • Nutritious meals to meet your dietary needs.
  • Housekeeping and home maintenance
  • Social activities, classes, events, and field trips.
  • Spacious living areas and outdoor spaces.
  • Transportation
  • Assistance when needed (e.g., basic medical services)

Different communities offer varying services and amenities. So, make sure to look for the best independent living community that can live up to your preferred lifestyle. You can try searching for one using senior living directories offered by some organizations like My Living Choice.  

What Are the Benefits of Living in an Independent Living Community?

Your golden years should be spent doing the things that would make you happy and fulfilled. It should not be wasted on you repairing your creaky floorboards then spending the afternoon alone without company. In an independent living community, you can devote your life to doing meaningful activities, pursuing your passion, and taking care of your health all of these while experiencing the right balance between independence and comfort. Here are some of the amazing benefits you can reap by residing in an independent living home. 

1. A Healthy Environment

Even the best neighborhoods have a hard time keeping their environment healthy and suitable for seniors living alone. There's always going to be a dilemma like a neighbor who likes to throw late-night parties, a busy road full of cars, or a toxic HOA president. But in independent living, you don't have to deal with all these stressors. You will be living in a community with other fellow seniors who, more or less, have the same routine and mindset as you (e.g., sleeping early, respectful of others quiet time). Further, they also encourage everyone to practice healthy habits by providing:

  • Nutritious meals that suit a senior's dietary needs.
  • Senior-friendly exercise programs like yoga, mild aerobics, and sports activities.
  • Basic medical services
  • Transportation to attend doctor's appointments.

2. An Opportunity to Socialize

Once you retire, social opportunities do not come as easily as they did during your younger years. By living on your own, the chance to interact with other people decreases. Thus, making way for loneliness and social isolation, which are both common in aging adults. Some alone and quiet time can be helpful, but not when it starts to affect your mental and emotional well-being. This is why independent living communities make it a point to provide various opportunities for seniors to socialize with other residents. They fill their days and hours with exciting activities like gardening, game nights, afternoon teas, movie nights, educational trips, and volunteering activities. Also, you can join others in playing poker in the game area or catch up with your newfound girlfriends at the on-site cafe. Whether you prefer a vibrant activity in the morning or a quiet afternoon, you can find it here, in your independent living community. Senior woman gardening outside, standing by garden with watering can watering flowers  

3. Peace of Mind

No one likes repairing the busted pipe under the sink or doing some roof work because it has a hole in it. It is a tedious job, not to mention dangerous, especially for a senior like you. Further, home upkeep is the last thing you need now that you're retired. It's time to take a break and enjoy a maintenance-free life, like in independent senior living. One of the most beneficial perks in an independent living home is having someone take care of the heavy-duty maintenance jobs in your home. You can enjoy a huge lawn without worrying how on earth you are going to tend to it. Seniors who love doing some household duties like cooking and cleaning may do so as they please. But assistance will always be a phone call away.  

4. A Chance to Pursue Your Passion

Living alone puts another massive responsibility on your shoulders, and sometimes, it can be a lot to take on. This also robs you of the freedom to pursue your passion or continue your beloved hobbies. An independent living community allows you to pursue your interests and explore new ones. Some facilities offer exciting activities, so you can have a chance to rediscover yourself. This includes:

  • Online classes for seniors who want to continue their education or learn a new branch of knowledge.
  • Painting, drawing, knitting, and pottery.
  • Journaling and writing activities.
  • Mind-stimulating hobbies to ensure brain health.
  • Participating in relief operations and volunteering efforts.

5. Freedom Without Compromising Safety

Lastly, this type of senior living offers you the freedom to choose how to live your life while ensuring safety, security, and comfort. You can travel, visit your family, and live the life you want. The only difference is that you have access to help and support the moment you need it. An independent living community removes the barriers that make living alone dangerous and confining. Further, it addresses the common issues that hinder seniors from being independent and free.  

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