Top 6 Reasons Why Seniors Should Live in Los Angeles

Top 6 Reasons Why Seniors Should Live in Los Angeles

Rich in history, diversity, and tolerance; Los Angeles is one of the best places for baby boomers to retire. The culture in Los Angeles allows for numerous outdoor activities. Some include gardening, kayaking, tennis, basketball, and much more. What makes this even better is that each of these activities involves a diverse crowd of retirees. Senior living in Los Angeles is among the best in the industry.   alt=  

1. Multicultural

Adding to the richness in other areas, the variety of cultures that occupy Los Angeles are numerous. This makes for many celebratory days in the year. With so many celebrations, there are countless opportunities for retirees to relax in the Los Angeles area. Festivals theater and art add to this as well. Festivals for holidays such as Cinco de Mayo offer celebration and a vast selection of cultural dishes. Restaurant varieties include Mexican, Brazilian, Honduran, and other Latin American nations. The number of restaurants is so extensive it would take ages before anyone could make it through each menu.  

2. Sunny Weather

To complement the festivities in Los Angeles, the weather is quite sunny year-round. This allows retirees to relax and enjoy a year's supply of vitamin D. Because snow in Los Angeles is hard to come by, the retiree population does not have to worry about shoveling. Shoveling can be quite dangerous as pressure is put on multiple areas of the body, namely the heart, when heavy snow is carried. By avoiding snow altogether, seniors can instead focus their time on other activities such as visiting the beach, kayaking, traveling, and lounging in parks. The sunshine in Los Angeles is just as radiant as the culture.  

3. Safety From Natural Disasters

Every state has its own fair share of natural disasters. California, in particular, has earthquakes. Earthquakes can be scary and difficult to predict and are one of the concerns of living in California, however, if you choose your living area wisely and plan well, earthquakes will be the least of your worries. Some buildings in Los Angeles feature earthquake proofing and planning for emergency response. Keep an eye out for buildings and areas like this, and always have an emergency kit and procedure in place.  

4. Plenty of Healthy Options

Los Angeles has exuberant options for healthy lifestyles and an assortment of raw ingredients. These are typically found in open markets that include a diverse selection of fruit, vegetables, grains, and poultry. This makes for an exciting time deciding what to have for dinner. With such options in raw ingredient selection, cooking can easily be taken up as a new hobby. What compliments these fantastic and fresh ingredients are the countless healthy recreational activities. Biking is a common hobby to take part in as the beautiful weather keeps the roads dry and easy to traverse. alt=  

5. Scenic and Peaceful

The environment is critical to good health. In Los Angeles, there are several options when it comes to selecting a specific terrain. Areas such as Malibu feature the tranquil scenery of ocean waves crashing along with bright blue skies. Downtown Los Angeles features a more metropolitan or industrial setting rich in city skyscrapers and beautiful bedazzling lights. San Fernando Valley is a family-friendly area of Los Angeles that features more suburban scenery and is one of many epicenters of peaceful living in Los Angeles. Malibu Valley is another scenic choice not far from the coast that boasts countless canyons and geographic scenery.  

6. Excellent Healthcare

Healthcare in Los Angeles is also excellent as there are countless options spread throughout the city. Many of the facilities accept a large variety of medical insurance. Some popular options for medical facilities include UCLA, USC, Cedars-Sinai, as well as the City of Hope. UCLA Health is one of the largest healthcare networks in Los Angeles. Because this network is so large, it allows more insurance companies to be accepted by affiliated medical facilities. USC is also a network that produces many skilled medical professionals who bring cutting edge medical expertise to Southern California hospitals. Cedars-Sinai hospital has 886 beds for patients and a staff of over 12,000 employees.  


Choosing when and where to retire can be quite difficult. Los Angeles is a major hub that has everything a senior could need including year-round sunlight, minimal snowfall, countless outdoor and cultural activities, and fantastic medical care. Boredom does not exist in the City of Angels, and for anyone looking to continue their life's adventure-- senior living in Los Angeles will not disappoint!  

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