Top 10 Amenities to Look for in Senior Living Facilities

Top 10 Amenities to Look for in Senior Living Facilities

When you are looking into your top assisted living facilities that you would like to move to once retired, you surely take into consideration the different amenities that each one has to offer. So what exactly are those top amenities that you are looking for Here is a list of some of the top amenities you should look for when considering your new home in a senior living facility.   alt=  

Low Maintenance

When you decide to make the transition to senior housing, you don't want to have to worry about any home maintenance. That's part of the beauty of retirement. Find a senior living facility that includes minimal maintenance, if any on your part, so that you can spend more time on the things that matter to you.

Community Atmosphere

Another top amenity most people want when transitioning from living on their own to a senior living facility is having a sense of community. A place where you can build relationships and look forward to time spent with your friends and family.   Many assisted living housing options include multiple areas for social gatherings and even plan events for community members. Cookouts in the summer or happy hours during the week are just some of the fun events many communities offer.

Quality Home Living

Moving out on your own into an assisted living community doesn't mean you want to lose the beautiful quality of a comfortable home. You want to live somewhere that cares just as much about you as it does the building you are living in. Sure you will be downsizing, but you still want that luxury lifestyle you had on your own. Great living areas and community features like a pool, boost those luxury living values you are looking for in a senior community.  

Fitness Opportunities

A senior living that offers plenty of fitness opportunities is definitely a top priority for many seniors. Having simple things like a community fitness area and even a program is a great way to help you stay fit and moving. Some communities offer events like chair yoga classes and tai chi. To have some fun while you're getting fit, some incorporate video games like Wii bowling to get you moving while also keeping it fun and entertaining.

Areas to Walk Outside

Keeping with the fitness theme, having walking paths available outside is also a great amenity to look for. You don't always want to be cooped up inside, walking paths provide a simple luxury of walking outside and getting some fresh air, while also staying active.

Close to Entertainment

While we are outside, being close to local attractions and entertainment is also nice to have available to you. Being close to a local shopping district or city museums is a great way for you to get out and experience the culture of your surroundings. This also makes it possible for you to go out to restaurants be it with your community friends, or your family when they want to come and visit.  alt=  


While your children have grown up to be adults, you still have your four-legged friend at your side. Pet-friendly communities are among the top amenities that seniors look for when selecting a retirement home. Add in the benefits of a dog park and it's the perfect place to call home for you and your pup.

Community Gardens

Though you may not want the high maintenance and labor that comes with taking care of a yard, many seniors still like getting their hands dirty. A community garden is a great place for socializing with other community members and also staying active and nurturing something you can be proud of. Community gardens and other unique community features are becoming an increasingly top priority for many seniors when choosing an assisted living facility.  

Beauty Salon and Barber Shop

Even though you could get out and visit the city life, some seniors like the convenience of a beauty salon and barber shop in their community. Sometimes you want to pamper yourself, and being able to pop over to the salon and get your nails done, without having to worry about scheduling an appointment and spending a bunch of money, is exactly what you need. Some communities offer services like a manicure or pedicure on weekends and bring in a professional. 

Continued Learning

When seniors are looking for a retirement home, sure they want to be somewhere with a sense of community and a place that likes to do fun activities, but they also want a place where they can continue to learn and stimulate their brain. A senior living facility that offers classes and lectures is a top priority for many seniors. Having classes and brain activities that help to keep the brain sharp are a great form of wellness. These classes can be just about anything! From learning new crafts to practicing a favorite hobby. Anything that keeps the mind moving!   Now that you have read about some of the top senior living amenities most seniors look for in an assisted living community, you know what to look for when you are looking for yourself. Create a pros and cons list and compare what one community you are looking at has in comparison to another community you are thinking about moving to. Maybe you'll find the perfect place to call home.  

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