The 7 Top Rated Senior Living Communities In Nashville, TN

The 7 Top Rated Senior Living Communities In Nashville, TN

There is a better way to look at retirement, which is an entirely new journey on its own. The twilight years should be a time to celebrate, yet it's undeniable that people should prepare for retirement before it happens.

Seniors need help at some point in their lives – and this is where looking for the top rated senior living communities in Nashville, TN, comes in.

Retirement homes are important to ensure that seniors can enjoy their golden years with ease and convenience. While retirement is inevitable, the time might just sneak up on you. Don’t be unprepared and let that happen! You can make it as grand and meaningful as possible by choosing the best retirement community that suits your lifestyle.

Why Nashville, TN is the Best Place For Seniors To Retire

Tax-Friendly for Seniors

In Nashville, TN, retirees get to enjoy their retirement funds because they're all tax-free. Yes, your social security retirement benefits and all other types of retirement funds are tax-free.

If you want to purchase a house and meet specific income requirements, you can apply for a property tax relief. At this time of your life, a tax break would be a relief from the tax burden of buying a property.

Flexibility in Senior Living Options

Nashville is indeed a dream community for seniors because you can also design your house and amenities to favor your lifestyle and preference. You are free to map out a senior retirement community that will keep you safe, comfortable, and happy as you live out your golden years.

There are so many choices in senior living communities in Nashville. You can enjoy entertainment venues, sport and fitness hubs, pools, and other luxurious amenities for active seniors. Do note that considering these extra amenities would also mean additional expenses, but it would definitely be worth it.

Accessible Healthcare

As you age, your health will deteriorate, and it's comforting to know that Nashville has top-of-the-line healthcare facilities and hospitals that can take care of all your medical needs.

You have so many options to choose from, including the city's top hospitals – HCA TriStar, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and St. Thomas Health – all of which are very senior-friendly and equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities. In addition, Healthcare in Nashville is surprisingly affordable and accessible to the community.

The 7 Top Rated Senior Living Communities in Nashville, TN

1.) The Heritage at Brentwood

This senior retirement community is a haven for active seniors who want versatile and multiple activities as they age. At the Heritage at Brentwood, you'll be amazed by this 48-acre community wherein residents can enjoy the luxury of a day spa, clubhouse, dining, and lounge area.

So, if you are into exciting adventures in senior living, then this active adult community is for you. The neighborhood has a majestic view of the wooded hills, winding streets, and beautiful villas.

Their famous clubhouse features the Market and Grand Hall. They also have the Steeplechase Lounge, which is great for cocktails with family and friends. You can also get your nails or hair done in the day spa or relax and read books in the library.

2.) Water's Edge

The subdivision isn't exclusive to seniors, but around one-third of their homes cater to seniors. The community offers a tranquil place and an accessible location to all the necessities and luxuries that active seniors deserve.

3.) Lake Providence

Lake Providence by Del Webb is for you if you desire a resort-like community. The place is gorgeous and fits active seniors with its huge 24,000-square foot clubhouse, sports complex complete with basketball and tennis courts, fitness gym, aquatic center, and a 15-acre fishing lake. So, if you are looking for some adventure, this is the place to be!

4.) Stephens Valley

Stephens Valley is one of the most popular senior retirement communities in Nashville. Its custom-built homes and the commercial area boasts coffee shops, restaurants, boutique hotels, and even office spaces. The entire build-out phase is to last for 20 years or so.

5.) Park Manor Apartments

Park Manor Apartments is among Nashville’s oldest and first-ever top rated senior living communities. The place is famous for its excellent services, warm and homey ambiance, elegant decorations, and flashy dining rooms. The community has been around for over 50 years, and they are continuously upgrading their amenities and activities to provide seniors with a thoroughly satisfying retirement lifestyle.

6.) Deer Lake Retirement Community

The Deer Lake Retirement Community was once a golf course and is now a progressive community with over 135 duplex condominium homes. However, some buildings offer three-plex and four-plex rooms, and each building includes parking spaces.

The community is near shopping and dining areas, hospitals, grocery stores, malls, pharmacies, and churches. You can enjoy walking or driving without the hassle of traffic.

7.) Leah Rose Residence

This senior living community is near shopping malls, churches, movie houses, restaurants, medical facilities, schools, and the like. You also enjoy the convenience of having on-site parking. If you love to relax in the sun and the lush gardens, you will love this community because they have a safe and lovely garden for your walking pleasure.

At Leah Rose Residence, you get to enjoy independent living with your fully-furnished private apartment with friendly seniors as neighbors. These apartments are modern and equipped with emergency call mechanisms in medical emergencies. Seniors over 62 can apply to stay at Leah Rose Residence provided they can take care of and manage themselves independently.

Come Home to Nashville, TN!

Retirement is one of the most exciting phases of life. It's filled with surprises and opportunities. You now have the time and freedom you've always wanted. Your decisions are now based on what you want and not dictated by work. Now, it’s time to look at your options on top rated senior living communities.

Nashville, TN is the ideal place to retire if you want that small-town vibe. It's a dream community for seniors because of the fantastic weather, fine dining experience, quiet suburbs, and rich entertainment experience. And now, it's high time to come home to Nashville, TN.

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