The 7 Things You Should Keep In Mind When Searching for Elderly Living Apartments

The 7 Things You Should Keep In Mind When Searching for Elderly Living Apartments

With more and more options for elderly living apartments, knowing which one is the right option for your loved one can be difficult and time-consuming. So when looking at your choices, you’ll want to compare different aspects such as amenities, overall culture, and staff friendliness. Prepare yourself with all the necessary questions, like what care plans are on offer, their costs, and any other general lifestyle queries. The elderly living apartments will have tour guides and staff who will be happy to help answer any questions that you might have.

Follow the steps outlined below to make finding the right senior living community for your loved one even easier.  

1.) Observe the Vibe

Your chosen senior living community will become your senior loved one’s new home. You’ll want to know the details of how this home is maintained, including how it can enrich their mental and physical well-being.

Be aware of your first impressions as you tour the community’s entryways and outdoor areas. For example, a courtyard or garden with porch seating can indicate a welcoming and socially inviting atmosphere.

2.) Get to Know the Staff

What it will ultimately come down to is how well the community’s team will get along with your loved one. And more importantly, will they have their best interests at heart at all times? Will they provide excellent care and make your loved one feel wanted and special? The people are the key ingredient of a happy and successful senior living community.

If you are able, pay attention to the one-on-one interactions between residents and staff. That way, you can get a better feel for the staff’s patience, friendliness, and compassion. Also, remember to inquire about what training, education, and accreditation the staff has received.

Of course, while everyone reading this would like to know the best elderly living apartments near me, the ideal place will be different for everyone. The community that’s right for them (or you) will depend on their unique personality and hobbies, as well as the level of engagement and support that the community can provide them.

For example, seniors who are intellectually stimulated, generally speaking, feel happier and experience lower levels of cognitive decline and stress. This is according to the National Institute on Aging.

3.) Get to Know the Residents

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of the people in the community. The staff plays a vital role, of course, but it’s also important to consider the other residents. After all, they will become your loved one’s daily companions and friends. The best senior living communities encourage quality living, which results in residents who feel happier, engaged, and more social. So try to schedule your tour when the community is doing an activity of interest to your senior loved one. That way, you can observe how the residents interact with the staff and each other.

Also, during your search for elderly living apartments, evaluate the amenities and services that your loved one would enjoy, like the bar, game room, chapel, or fitness center.

4.) Come Hungry

Try to arrive on an empty stomach so that you can get a chance to try their available food options, as well as experience their communal dining. When conversing with the residents, ask them what their daily routines are like and get their honest opinions about the community. Also, in some communities, there will be a volunteer resident ambassador accompanying staff during tours.

5.) Evaluating the Elderly Living Apartments

Think about your senior loved one. Are they a social butterfly who’d love to have a roommate, or are they a more solitary individual? Do they love animals or have their own pet they would like to take with them? There are many pet-friendly elderly living apartments out there – it’s also common for senior living communities to offer a variety of floor plans and room sizes. So, you should take your time and ask questions pertaining to accommodations and what will be available. That way, you can select the community that best serves your loved one’s needs.

6.) Be Prepared to Ask Cost Related Questions

For many families, the cost of senior living is an important question to consider during the searching process. Some key aspects to consider are whether the community you’re considering does tiered pricing based on levels of care, a la carte pricing, all-inclusive pricing, or something else. Also, to avoid sticker shock, ask upfront about the contract terms and move-in fees. Usually, a business office manager will be present to handle questions like these.

7.) Consider Whether Your Loved One’s Needs will Evolve

When looking at elderly living apartments, it’s very important to know what kind of community these apartments are located in. There are different types of communities based on the level of care being provided. If you think that your loved one may need assisted living in the future, then a continuing care community can be a good idea. For example, your loved one can start out with independent senior living and then easily transition into assisted living if the community provides both of these levels of care.

When it comes to specifics, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Does the staff have experience in managing your loved one’s health conditions?
  • If the community can adapt as your loved one’s needs change, then how often will they be reevaluating your loved one’s current care plan?
  • What will the process look like if your senior loved one eventually needs more care than they currently receive? More specifically, what does the move-out process look like, as well as any additional costs?

For more information about the differences between independent living, assisted living, and memory care, our blog is an excellent resource.

Keep This Checklist on Hand

It can be overwhelming trying to find the best elderly living apartments. After all, you’re not only looking for the right accommodations, floor plans, and so on, but also for the right community with the appropriate services in place at rates that are affordable. The good news is that this checklist covers all of these aspects, so you will have one convenient resource to take with you on your new journey. Don’t forget to bookmark this article, and if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!

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