Hosting a Socially Distanced Ice Cream Social for Seniors

Hosting a Socially Distanced Ice Cream Social for Seniors

After months of being in quarantine and locked down, many people are looking for ways to gather up with their fellow humans for fun. Why not consider an ice cream social for your beloved seniors Even while gathering for ice cream, the health of seniors should be highly prioritized, and that is why socially distanced ice cream gatherings are better. Below are some tips for planning ice cream gatherings with loved ones, whether in assisted living centers or at home.


1. The Guest List

If you genuinely want to have an ice cream social with seniors after knowing the risks, then you should take a close look at your guest list. The COVID-19 virus is less transmissible among a smaller crowd. The first thing you should do is make sure that you know your state's guest limits. Some states may limit the size of up to 20 people, while others might limit gatherings to 10 people. If you are holding the ice cream social in your backyard, the guest list will also be determined by the size of your backyard. The social distance rules are applicable worldwide. You need to be one meter and a half from another person. So your guest list should ensure that everyone can social distance effectively. For safety reasons, your guest list should not include children. If possible, keep dogs and out-of-town guests at a minimum. Seniors are at a high risk of contracting the virus, so you must ensure your guests do not have any symptoms. Remember to caution guests not to bring anyone that hasn't been invited.  

2. Guest Invitations

Calling to invite your guests is also a crucial part when you are holding a social distance ice cream gathering. Calling them is preferable to texting or emailing. This way, you can explain precisely what you have in mind for and ensure that they understand. When inviting them, clearly outline the restrictions about the strictness in place for the ice cream social. You can also instruct them to come with a mask. The goal here is to make them feel comfortable and also protect them. You need not take offense if a guest turns down the offer if they are not ready to come together yet.  

3. Ice Cream and How You Serve It

If you choose to do it with store-bought ice cream, make sure that everyone eats their own ice cream without sharing. Sharing might limit social distancing, which might be very risky. The aim of this is to avoid guests being too close to one another. However, if you decide to go with homemade ice cream, ensure that you keep sanitizing or washing your hands while making ice cream. It is also advisable that one person prepares the ice cream. If the host is making the ice cream, they should be wearing face masks and gloves for safety. To minimize a common touchpoint like the bowl where people will scoop their ice cream, you can advise your guest to carry their own small dish and scooping spoon. This will allow people to only come into contact with their utensils. Your guests can then place their used bowls in one specific container, and the host can take them all into the dishwasher.  

4. Bathrooms

If your guests are going to use the same bathroom, you must make use of disposable towels and ditch the hand towels. Seniors should use a different bathroom from other guests. Inquire with the retirement centers near you about using the bathrooms when on an ice cream social with a senior. You will find that most facilities will prefer visitors to use their own bathrooms back at home. Retirement centers may be more strict than expected. However, if you are going to hold an ice cream social with seniors, it is better to put everyone's health at top priority.    

Is an Ice Cream Social With a Senior Necessary

These COVID-19 times have brought out too much anxiety in many people, and others are so fearful. Staying at home on lockdowns and curfew is not so good when dealing with stress and anxiety. An ice cream social with seniors and friends could make a difference. Meeting with other people and laughing together may reduce tension and improve mental health. So if one can ensure that the safety precautions are thoroughly satisfied, you can responsibly hold an ice cream social with your loved ones.  

Bottom Line

After many months of quarantining, many people are now ready to mingle with their fellow humans. However, the gatherings and meetups should ensure that everyone is happy and safe. Unfortunately, we might take longer than usual to get back to shaking hands, hugging, and sharing our drinks and dishes. The fun that comes with seeing and interacting with one another doesn't have to stop. You can adhere to the health precautions set by your state government, and practice awareness and good hygiene. The precautions should also be taken a notch higher and sensitized when gathering around seniors. It is better to do the ice cream social with seniors at retirement centers rather than at your home backyard since the center will help in administering safety precautions.  

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