Best Kansas City Attractions for Seniors

Best Kansas City Attractions for Seniors

11 Best Kansas City Attractions

Most retirement homes cater to the recreational needs of its residents with state of the art amenities. While we don't underestimate their capability to offer leisure, nothing would still compare to the fun offered by known city attractions. If you're a senior with a craving for recreation, then Kansas City is just the right place for you. Located in the metropolitan area, Kansas City is famed for its long history of jazz music, world-famous barbeque, tons of fountains, and cultural heritages. We could go on and on, yet the fun only heightens. Kansas City offers endless possibilities for all ages and a broad set of activities for seniors. While the options are limitless, we save you from the hustle of choosing. In this list, we've narrowed down the best attractions in Kansas City for seniors.

Ewing & Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden

The Ewing & Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden boasts design and tranquility with its exquisite botanical exhibit, pristine fountains, and fine walkways. Covered in cascading flowers that bloom in different seasons, this ethereal-looking garden is a walk in a dream. It's inviting you to take a stroll, read a book, take photos, or even pay a visit to the memorial site of Ewing Kauffman.  

Loose Park

Extending at 75-acres, Loose Park is the third largest park in Kansas City and is one of the city's most acclaimed and historical sites. This park was originally owned by Kansas City pioneer, Seth Ward, and served as a battleground during the Civil War. Aside from its great historical significance, this natural exhibit paves the way for a lot of recreational activities and horticultural exhibitions. It is home to a lake, rose garden, water park, and picnic areas.  

Richard L Berkley Riverfront Park

Improve your mobility, replenish your spirits, or just indulge in the great outdoors by taking a walk around Richard L Berkley Riverfront Park. Made fit for those who enjoy wandering around river views, this park is also senior-friendly. You could stroll around or take laps without worry because it is equipped with paved walkways and flat courses. If you ever find life in a retirement home a bit mundane, this place is not only filled with scenic aquatic views but is great for socialization too.  

Swope Park

Elevate your outdoor experience by venturing around the 51st-largest municipal park in the United States, and the largest park in Kansas City, Swope Park. In terms of leisure and fun, you have a wide array of attractions to choose from. Regarded as the Jewel of Kansas City, this park includes the following major destinations:

  • Starlight Theatre (an 8,000+ seat outdoor theater)
  • The Swope Soccer Village Sports Complex
  • The Kansas City Zoo (with more than 1000 animals)
  • The Lakeside Nature Center
  • Swope Memorial Golf Course

National World War I Museum and Memorial

The Great War never fails to spark interest to anyone. This drastic conflict in world history is presented elaborately and artistically at the only museum in America dedicated to such; the National World War I Museum and Memorial. From younger generations to seniors alike, this state of the art facility provides knowledge of the First World War, inspires critical thought, and speaks continuous relevance.   alt=  

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is heaven on earth for art enthusiasts, caging in great artworks from American, Asian, and European collections. All corners of this edifice speak to the history of visual creativity. Aside from world-class historical paintings, the museum also houses photographic collections, European and American sculpture, Egyptian art, and contemporary paintings. A step into this haven of art would surely stimulate your appreciation of all forms of aesthetics.

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Experience art further but on a modern and edgy approach through the most extensive contemporary museum in Missouri. Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art holds a collection of modern and contemporary works, exhibitions, and other creative programs. While nothing could quite compare to Nelson-Atkins, it's a breath of fresh air to witness works of present-day artists.

American Jazz Museum

Dedicated to celebrating unique American sound, the American Jazz Museum includes interactive exhibits, artifacts, educational programs, and a modern 500-seat performing arts center. Optimize your appreciation for the legacy of jazz music and its role in American history through this museum.

Joe's Kansas City Barbecue

Kansas City is praised for its barbecue, so why not start your food quest at the best place known for it. The iconic gas station setting of Joe's Kansas City Barbeque offers a two-meat BBQ dinner and plenty of selections to satisfy your cravings.   alt=  

City Market

City Market has been a top destination for its wide variety of fresh produce and local goods. In addition to this, it is home to 140 farmer stalls,authentic restaurants, and food celebrations as well as the historic Steamboat Arabia.

West Bottoms

This historic neighborhood is filled with mid-20th century buildings and vintage stores, making it perfect for seniors with fondness over antique crafts. Besides the impressive antique treasures, West Bottoms is home to Amigoni Urban Winery, classic cocktail bars, local coffee shops, and dining areas-- all made to suit your taste buds and your thirst for fun.


Recreation boosts cognitive function and offers a lot of health benefits for seniors. It is never wrong to leave the comfort of your retirement home for a once in a while trip around city attractions. While we have elaborated on the best attractions in Kansas City, there is no better way to indulge than to visit. The next step to fun is yours to take.  

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