7 Fun and Engaging Activities for Seniors in Indiana

7 Fun and Engaging Activities for Seniors in Indiana

Indiana has a whole lot of things to offer other than basketball legends and incredible racing spectacles. The “Crossroads of America” is usually just a state you pass through towards your real destination. But now, it has developed into a great travel spot, especially for seniors looking for some fun and engaging activities!

There’s plenty of indoor and outdoor adventures to choose from depending on what kind of activities you want. There are theme parks for the kids, historic sites for the culture lover, and water sport for the daredevil!

Take a break from your usual routine and spend a week here in Indiana with your family or friends from your senior living community. You can even spend your retirement years here and become a true blue Hoosier if you like.

When you do visit, don’t forget to check out these seven incredible locations that you will surely love!

1. Indianapolis Museums

Let your exciting quest begin at the state’s capital itself, Indianapolis! Despite being the most populated city, Indy still packs a taste of rich culture that you can easily find in their parks, landmarks, and historic sites. 

But the best location you can go to if you want an up-close and personal view of this is through their incredible museums. Some of the best ones are:

  • Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum where you can see different kinds of automobiles and racing cars from back in the day.
  • Indianapolis Museum of Art
  • Eiteljorg Museum
  • Indiana War Memorial
  • Rhythm! Discovery Center

Additionally, there will be a new digital museum debuting this July in Newfields called the LUME Indianapolis. Enjoy the immersive galleries and high-tech, floor-to-ceiling projections of famous paintings like Van Gogh’s The Starry Night.

2. Historic Sites and Parks

Besides visiting the museums, another way to immerse yourself into Indy’s culture is by visiting the historical sites scattered around the cities and towns in Indianapolis.

For starters, you can take a walk back in memory lane (literally and figuratively) as you explore the archaeological wonders of Angel Mounds in Evansville. You can also visit the Crown Hill Cemetery to view the tombs of some of the most notable persons in history. 

Other sites to visit if you want to see century-old artifacts and infrastructure built in the 1900s:

  • Scottish Rite Cathedral
  • Benjamin Harrison Presidential State or Colonel Jones Home
  • Conner Prairie
  • Murat Theater
  • Indiana Historic National Road
  • Union Station

3. Outdoor Recreations

History and museums are not everybody’s cup of tea. So if you’re the type of senior who finds excitement in outdoor activities, then Indianapolis is the right destination for you! So invite your like-minded friends from your senior living community and enjoy these senior-friendly outdoor recreations!

  • Hiking and biking at the Big Walnut Area or Cardinal Greenways
  • Ziplining at eXplore on Brown County or in Koteewi Park
  • Trek the Hoosier National Forest, then make camp at night.
  • Explore the six great ravines at Shades State Park.

You can also enjoy the animals at Columbian Park Zoo with the kids or catch a sight of the bald eagles nesting at Monroe Lake. Additionally, you can opt to walk around and breathe the fresh air at Gabis Arboretum and Railway Garden.

4. Water Activities

Summer is never really complete without a little bit of dipping at the beach and some water activities, right So while you’re there, you must visit the famous Indiana dunes at State Park and West Beach.

But if you’re up for something MORE than that, then you can check out this list for the best water activities in the state!

  • Canoeing on Cave Country Canoes or Sugar Creek
  • Kite surfing at Lake Michigan
  • Kayaking 200 ft below the ground at Indiana Caverns over at Corydon
  • Scuba dive inside France Park and Delphi
  • Take the kids to Deep River Water Park or Freedom Springs

Lastly, you should never miss the two water adventure spots in St. Paul, Indiana—Hidden Paradise Campground and White Rock Park. You can swim on an open lake, cliff dive, scuba dive, and camp the night out. Of course, there are also many relaxing activities here, such as fishing or rafting in the calm waters.   

5. Entertainment (Music, Art, and Theater)

Make your night memorable by ending it with music and great performances by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. They do incredible shows all year round, either at Conner Prairie or Hilbert Circle Theater, so make sure to check their calendars and plan your visit. 

If you’re near Elkhart, you can check out the musicals and Broadway shows they have at the Lerner Theater. They also host art shows and concert events, but this July, they have a showing of Grease the Musical, so you’re in luck!

6. Farm and Orchards

Craving for some fresh, farm-to-table lunch or apple picking sessions Well, you can just head up north at Fair Oaks Farm to see their farmlands, tree trails, and sunflower field. 

Plus, they have a magical farm-to-table restaurant called the Farmhouse, wherein everything from the menu came from their own farm or was locally grown. Other notable farms and orchard sites all around the city include:

  • The Big Peach and Apple Hill Orchard at Bruceville
  • Chandler’s Farm and Country Market (do your own apple picking here!)
  • Cornucopia Farm
  • Dull’s Tree Farm
  • Goat Milk Stuff at Scottsburg
  • Hilltop Orchids, Lakeview Orchard, or Orchard Hill Farm

You can still enjoy some farm-fresh produce without going out of the city’s capital. There’s Broad Ripple and Binford’s Farmer’s Market to satisfy your cravings for seasonal specialties and homemade treats.

7. Food and Breweries

You can’t really know a city or town if you’re not going to taste the food of their people, right Become a true-blue Hoosier by sampling the all-American dishes at Workingman’s Friend, Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles, and Gaucho’s Fire.

Find the perfect ale or stout brew for you at Three Floyd’s Brewing Company. But if you prefer some locally-made wine, then the Oliver Winery at Bloomington or Whyte Horse Winery, Monticello, is the perfect place for you.

Don’t forget to bring some sweets to your senior living community friends courtesy of Schimpff’s Confectionery at Jeffersonville!

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