5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Lincoln, Nebraska

5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Lincoln, Nebraska

Read Out These Common Factors

The one question that most retiring seniors frequently ask themselves is, Where am I going to retire. One of the most freeing things about retirement is getting to choose where to spend the rest of your retired days. The possibilities suddenly become endless! With no work, career, or kids to tie you down, you can literally go anywhere in the world. As much as you want to jump on the next flight to your dream destination, you should think things through and consider some factors of practicality that can affect your retirement funds. Some of the criteria you need to ponder over includes:

  • The cost of living
  • Tax environment
  • Recreational activities for retirees
  • Healthcare
  • Climate
  • Quality of life

Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect retirement destination that checks all of your criterion boxes. However, there is one place on the map that comes close to perfection Lincoln, Nebraska! We know that the Cornhusker State had never crossed your mind as the perfect place for retirement. However, these five reasons might sway your decision. So, here are smart reasons why you should consider senior living in Lincoln, Nebraska, as an ideal place to retire.

1. Affordability

There's a reason why approximately 3000 retirees aged 65 and above chose to relocate to Nebraska in 2017. It is because of the low cost of living in the state, making it the 14th least expensive state in the country. It is a great place to raise a family, start a career, or retire. Surveys have shown that the average cost of living in the state is 89.1, which means that it is cheaper than the US average. This includes expenses in:

  • Grocery
  • Utility bills
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Miscellaneous

Nebraska might not be the most tax-friendly state, but you can offset the taxes by the affordability of other expenses like their housing. The median home cost in Nebraska is only $168,900 compared to the US average that is $231,200. Retiring means having a fixed amount of monthly income, which you have to budget wisely for it to last you a lifetime. So, save every penny in your pension and 401k account by moving to a place that has an affordable living situation without compromising your quality of life.

2. Healthcare

Aside from affordability, healthcare and wellness is a top concern for most older adults in retirement. Whether it is senior living in Lincoln, Nebraska, or a specialized medical service, they want accessibility, convenience, and quality. Here's the good news: Nebraska has ranked 8th out of 50 states when it comes to quality medical care. According to the NHQR, 73% of the state's healthcare services surpassed the country's benchmark. Moreover, some of the best hospitals in the state can be found at the heart of Lincoln, like Nebraska Heart Institute, Select Specialty Hospital, and Lincoln Surgical Hospital.

3. Diverse Living Options

For those who prefer to spend their retiree days in a senior community, don't worry. Nebraska not only excels in general healthcare but also in providing medical services and assisted living facilities for seniors. The state boasts a total of 130 independent living facilities, with some scattered around the area of Lincoln. They have plenty of housing choices to cater to your lifestyle choice. Above all, they have all the senior amenities you can think of wellness center, clubhouse, and walking trails. Senior care in Lincoln, Nebraska, does not stop there. They also offer different living options based on your independent need, such as:

  • Assisted Living
  • Nursing Homes
  • Memory Care
  • Retirement Resort

4. Economic Growth

Lincoln, the state capital of Nebraska, boasts a thriving business community that had been continuously growing through the years. Much of the locale's economic flourishing was because of the best universities, hospitals, and commercial developments surrounding it. An increasing number of entrepreneurs have also taken a liking to the place, starting and expanding different businesses here and there. Retiring from the workforce does not mean that you cannot do some business on the side. You can now pursue your lifetime dream to start your own bakeshop or restaurant in the Cornhusker State.   My Living Choice Archie the Mammoth University of Nebraska Campus

5. Senior Activities

What's the beauty of retirement if you are not going to spend your years doing fun activities and scenic sightseeing Whether you are an adventurer, a nature-lover, or merely an observer, Nebraska has a lot in store for you.


  • Get in touch with your green side by visiting Nebraska's miles and miles of landscape and mesmerizing valleys in Pineridge, Fontenelle Forest, and Nebraska National Forest.
  • Have a look at the wildlife in Valentine and Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge. You can drive around the area and appreciate the different animal species or hike around the designated hiking area of the place.
  • The state also has an ample number of rivers where you can enjoy fishing, boating, and birdwatching.

Cultural Attractions

  • Stroll around the Historic Haymarket District, where history, culture, and culinary collide. Enjoy the renovated 19th-century brick houses while enjoying a good pork tenderloin sandwich.
  • Schedule a free tour in one of the oldest residential structures in Lincoln the Thomas P. Kennard House
  • Step into Smithsonian history by visiting the University of Nebraska State Museum. You can view one of the world's largest mammoths and other fossils, together with your grandkids.
  • A few blocks from the State Museum is another museum named the Sheldon Museum of Art. If you are more into art and sculptures, then this is the best place to spend your afternoons.


  • One of the best parks to do your sightseeing, meditation, or morning jogs is in the Sunken Garden. Appreciate the venue's three main gardens by visiting during the spring and summer to see the bloom of several flower and plant species.
  • You can also explore the greenery scene of Antelope Park and Pioneers Park and Nature Center.

Plan your senior living in Lincoln, Nebraska, and be ready for a quality and comfortable life with no shortage of fun.

  • September 08, 2020
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