5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Dallas, Texas

5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Dallas, Texas

Best Reasons To Retire

The thought of retirement indeed brings about plenty of excitement and anticipation in your heart. For one thing, being retired means, you will have plenty of time to spend with your family and friends. Furthermore, you can go anywhere in the world without work commitments and deadlines to tie you down. But the big question here is, where would you go Where will you spend the rest of your retirement years To help you decide, here are a few things you should consider during your search for the right place to settle in:

  • Consider the cost of living (e.g., home value and other expenses)
  • Check the tax environment.
  • Access to resources
  • Check the climate
  • Availability of your healthcare needs
  • Consider the quality of living. Is it on par with your preferred lifestyle

By now, you had probably searched Google a hundred times for the best senior living or the best places to retire. Have you noticed that one particular place that always appears in the top ten list of different websites It's Dallas, Texas! Both the Today Show and US News included Dallas, Texas, in their list of the best places to retire. Here's why!  

1. Affordable Cost of Living

You worked hard to put lots of dollars in your savings account. Now that you live on a fixed income, ensure that this hard-earned money won't go to waste by choosing your retirement location wisely. Fortunately, Dallas ranks as one of the most affordable places to live in the country. Their median real estate pricing is still around $200,000. For apartment renters, the median price for a two-bedroom apartment in the nicer districts is only $1491 per month. That's already a super-economical rate compared to other big cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. Other things like groceries, utilities, goods, and services have a lower median price than the national average. Some of the county's best suburbs include Irving, Grand Prairie, Plano, Grandbury, and Garland. For neighborhoods, you can check out Uptown and Design District.   Fountain with flowers around it at Dallas Arboredum and Botanical Garden  

2. Lots of Senior-Friendly Activities

Of course, the best place to retire should have plenty of activities to offer for a senior such as yourself. But since there's a pandemic, you would expect Dallas to have almost zero activities for seniors like other places, right Well, surprisingly, they have plenty in store for you. Despite the current health crisis, Dallas still has plenty of fun but safe activities to offer. Some of the places you can visit and enjoy safely--with a mask on and a distance of six feet apart from other people--include:

  • The Great Trinity Forest - If you are a nature lover and want some adventure, then hiking the Great Trinity Forest is for you. Its 6,000-acre vast land ensures that you and your family can enjoy it without fear of getting the coronavirus.
  • Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden - Explore the local flora and fauna here at the garden.
  • Green urban spaces in Downtown Dallas - The urbanized city of Dallas has no shortage of green spaces. You can find some of the most vibrant parks here, such as the Main Street Garden Park, Annette Strauss Square, and Klyde Warren Park.
  • The Sixth Floor Museum - Besides the food, Dallas is also known for the JFK assassination. Learn its full history at this museum and see the very spot where Lee Harvey Oswald did his dirty job.
  • Trinity Groves - If you want a relaxing afternoon while enjoying great food and a scenic view, then you must try Trinity Groves.

Watch rodeos, capture the picturesque skyline, and embrace your nerdy self at the National Videogame Museum. The best senior living communities here also have free access to all of these. You will never go out of things to do here in Dallas, Texas, during this time of the year. What more when the world returns to its normal state again.

3. Tax-Friendly Environment

Say goodbye to hefty state taxes because living in Dallas, Texas, means you do not have to pay for state income tax. Texas is just one of the seven states in this country that does not levy a state income tax. This includes your Social Security retirement benefits and other forms of retirement income.  

4. Plenty of Access to Healthcare Services

When looking for a place to retire, one of the most crucial points of consideration is your health condition. Even if you do not have an ongoing medical condition, you should still prepare for the future by ensuring access to the best healthcare services. Luckily, the city boasts some of the best hospitals and care facilities that render world-class healthcare services. This includes:

  • UT Southwestern Medical Center - ranks as the second top-performing hospital in Texas. It is also nationally-ranked in 10 adult specialties.
  • Baylor University Medical Center
  • Parkland Health and Hospital System
  • Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas

Further, you can find some of the best senior living facilities of the state here in Dallas, Texas. You can take your sweet time picking the most suitable retirement home for you, from independent living communities to assisted living ones. Also, 12% of the Texan population are seniors aged 65 and older. You will feel right at home and surrounded by peer-level people.  

5. Great Climate

Not fond of the harsh cold winter No problem. Dallas, Texas, is just one of the few places to experience only mild winters when almost half of the world is freezing and cooped up inside their homes. Dallas has all four seasons, but winters only last for a few days, sometimes even hours, and do not strike that hard. The temperature here usually ranges from 39 F to 96 F all year round. Thus, giving you a lot of opportunities to go out and about and enjoy the outdoors.  


To sum it up, the perfect retirement location should give you a quality life throughout your retirement years. You should enjoy and make the most out of life without emptying your savings due to the high cost of living and taxation. 

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