5 Reasons Seniors Should Move to Springfield, Missouri

5 Reasons Seniors Should Move to Springfield, Missouri

Read Out These Important Reasons

If you are currently in your 50s or 60s, all you're thinking about right now are probably your retirement plans. After all the unavoidable stresses of life you had endured bills, career, family, and kids it is high time to start enjoying a carefree and peaceful life. Choosing where to move and spend your retirement days is a monumental decision. You probably had a dream vacation or retirement lifestyle that you want to achieve. However, there are several factors that you need to consider before deciding on a place or community. This includes:

  • Health state
  • Ability to be independent
  • Finances
  • Family and friends
  • Healthcare
  • Senior activities

Of course, you also want it to be a place that caters to your lifestyle choice, has a friendly neighborhood, plenty of scenic views, and recreational activities. It is impossible to find one single state that has it all, right Wrong! Because Springfield, Missouri, has all of it and more! Missouri is not known as the "show me" state for nothing. The Midwestern city has it both: the "hustle" energy of a bustling city and the simplicity of a countryside lifestyle. So, whether you want to live independently in its rural spaces or in assisted living in Springfield, Mo., you can definitely do so! If you are not convinced yet, here are five reasons why you should choose Missouri as your retirement place.

1. Low Cost of Living

The cost of living is a significant deciding factor when it comes to choosing a place to spend your senior days. The money you had worked hard for should be spent wisely, catering to your desired living preferences. The good news is that Missouri has one of the lowest costs of living rates in the U.S. It is 16.3% below the national average, which is a lot more affordable compared to other cities in the country. This low computed rate includes your everyday expenses like:

  • Groceries
  • Utility bills
  • Transportations
  • Housing payment
  • Health services
  • Miscellaneous fees

In Springfield, a low-cost of living situation does not compromise the quality of life it provides. This is the reason why it is included as part of the Top 10 Place to Buy a Retirement House Under $100,000 by the U.S. News and World Report.

2. Top-Notch Healthcare System

Healthy or not, older adults need the best healthcare provider they can get their hands on. It is also crucial to live in a place with a nearby hospital in case of emergencies. Luckily, you can find both qualities if you live in Springfield. The place is brimming with top-tiered geriatric hospital facilities, such as the Jared Neuroscience Center, Select Specialty Hospital, and Cox Medical Center. High-performing hospitals can also be found within nearby cities such as St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas, which was nationally ranked when it comes to adult care and services. Another one is Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, a hospital deemed as one of the14th best geriatric facilities in the nation.

3. Housing Facilities

As of January 2020, Springfield, Missouri's median home cost records itself at 37% below the national average. This means that an affordable budget will get you a sizable 20tth century home or modern suburban space. Both homeowners and renters have a place in Springfield's beautiful neighborhood. For seniors who prefer to reside in assisted living in Springfield, Mo, don't worry. The city has several senior care facilities that specialize in general services, memory care, hospice, and incontinence care. So, whichever Springfield region you decide to land in, you get to spend little money while getting an excellent quality of life.   Photo: SpringfieldMO.org Family at Wonders of Wildlife  

4. Recreational Activities

Your senior and retiree days should be the best ones in your life. It is the moment you have been waiting for an ample amount of newfound free time to do anything that you love. Nature

  • Have you been itching for a tranquil life that is close to nature Don't worry because Missouri's got your back.
  • You can visit the famous land of Ozark for some woodlands and leisurely hiking; or head on to St. Louis to experience the natural paradise of their Botanical Gardens.
  • If you are up for an exploration adventure, seek out Missouri's 6,400 underground caves. This includes those in Meramec State Park, Onondaga Cave, Cathedral Cave, and Ozark Caverns.


  • Are you afraid of your grandkids getting bored when they come to visit you Don't be! Missouri is packed with several world-class attractions perfect for your family gatherings.
  • You have the Wonders of Wildlife, Mark Twain's hometown, the Silver Dollar City, and more.


  • If you are craving for activities for the mind, Missouri has a lot in store for you. They have countless historical museums, parks, and cultural centers to choose from.
  • Older adults who love theatrical performances can watch them in the Gillioz Theater or Springfield Little Theater.
  • Have a taste of history by visiting the National World War I Museum and Memorial, the Gateway Arch Monument, and St. Joe in Buchanan County.

On top of that, Missouri is also the home of the best winery in the nation, one of the best beer producers, grills award-winning barbecues, and houses some of your beloved sports teams.

5. A Growing City

Being 65 and retired does not mean you are not allowed to pursue your business dreams. If entrepreneurship is your passion, then you are in the right economic land for it. Aside from parks, hospitals, and assisted living in Springfield, Mo., the place also offers many opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. It is the origin of many manufacturing, engineering, and corporate companies. Its economy is a fast-growing one, with spaces allotted for every new talent in town. The business-friendly atmosphere of the place makes its economy skyrocket, providing its citizens hundreds of opportunities, big or small. It is a place to continue your career, explore a new one, or venture out with your passion. Moving into a whole new environment provides several challenges and burdens. But Springfield, Missouri, is a place where there is no shortage of fun and life opportunities. That alone makes everything more worth it.

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