18 Ideas to Help Older Adults Make the Most of Their Storage Space at Senior Living

18 Ideas to Help Older Adults Make the Most of Their Storage Space at Senior Living

Moving to a new senior living community can be a big change! While it is an exciting time, you may find that you have to downsize a little in order to fit everything into your new home. Today, our blog will cover some great tips for moving to the best senior living communities in your area and how you can make the most of your storage. Continue reading to learn more!

1) Declutter Your Home

Start regularly using your storage unit. After you have unpacked all of your household items, take the time to put things back where they belong. Organized storage units are much more efficient than old, disorganized drawers and closets.

2) Reduce the Number of Items You Store

Check your boxes to see if you have enough clothing to take up the entire unit. If not, consider reducing your collection of old clothing and donating them to a charity. The same is true for your household items; you can reduce your stored amount by selectively donating some of your items.

3) Use Smaller Items

Most seniors’ storage units contain plenty of small items that can be carried around, from a small tote to empty out your closet to a box for your bedside items. If you cannot use the entire storage unit, consider simply carrying around a small cart or shopping bag instead of taking the time to pack up everything.

4) Try Some New Storage Ideas

If there is not enough room for your household items in the storage unit you rent, consider renting a larger unit. You can ask about space limits in your senior living community before deciding which size unit to rent.

5) Use Your Storage Unit Effectively

When you rent a storage unit for your household items, make sure the unit is easy to access. For example, put things you often use next to the door and ensure it is easy to reach your stuff during the day, even if you are not at home. You may also want to consider storing some furniture or accessories in your storage unit if they are not considered a security risk by your senior living community.

6) Think About Dealing With Pests and Germs

If you want your storage unit to be completely organized and clean, you may need to invest in some cleaning products and decluttering tools. Pests, roaches, and even mold can create health problems for seniors, so keeping your items as clean as possible is important.

7) Keep Your Storage Organized

When you store household items in a room in a senior living community, keep them organized by category or area of the home. This will help you find things quickly when you need them.

8) Consider Rental Options

You may be able to rent additional storage space at your senior living community if the unit you want is not in your budget for you. You can ask your senior living community about other rental options available. There are a variety of storage units available at the best senior living communities to help seniors make the most of their space.

9. Create an Emergency Kit

Jot down your contact information, including your doctor’s name and phone number. This will help those around you react quickly if a medical emergency arises. Include common pain medication and first aid supplies in case of an emergency as well.

10) Keep a List

Improve the efficiency of your storage unit by making lists of everything you store inside it. Check off items as you use them so you can easily find what you are looking for when it is time to unpack again.

11) Consider Safety

Some items in your home, such as mirrors and artwork, can be deemed special by the best senior living communities. Make sure to ask whether or not these items are considered a security risk for your family when you consider storing them in a senior living community.

12) Remember You Need to Live There

While it may seem convenient to store your life ahead of time through storage at a senior living community, make sure you are comfortable with what is offered before signing up. You don’t want a storage unit filled with things you only use occasionally when you could easily pack up and move to another senior living community.

13) Make Your Own Storage

If your senior living community does not offer any storage options, consider making your own. For example, you may be able to rent temporary storage at a local facility or store an extra clothes hanger in a closet where it is out of the way of emergency exits.

14) Think About Your Needs

It is important to be realistic when thinking about your needs in a senior living community. For example, it may not be able to accommodate all of your household items and may not have enough room for the number of storage units you need.

15) Explore Your Senior Living Community Options

Your senior living community may have additional storage options available, such as touch-free door entry in some rooms and special containers for shoes or toiletries.

16) Consider Mobility Needs

Consider your options if you have mobility needs, such as a wheelchair or other mobility equipment. Some communities may be able to offer some special storage, such as a cart compatible with these items.

17) Consider Self-Storage Options

You may be able to purchase a small self-storage unit in your senior living community if you do not have enough space in the regular storage unit to fit all of your household items. It is important to check with your senior living community to see if any are available.

18) Start Over

If you are constantly changing the things you want to store, it may be time to reconsider how much space you actually need. This could mean getting rid of some unnecessary items or renting a smaller storage unit in your senior living community.


With the help of the best senior living communities, you can ensure your possessions are secure and easy to access. As you age and begin adjusting to your new life, storage at a senior living community could become an important part of your life. You may want to store some items that are too big or some that you never use. Ask about the storage options available at each senior living community before deciding which one is right for you.

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