10 Fun and Engaging Summer Activities for Seniors

10 Fun and Engaging Summer Activities for Seniors

Gone are the days where older adults only want to sit by their rocking chairs on the porch and observe life as it happens before them. The modern seniors of today yearn for more—more adventure, more exploration, and of course, more fun!

Top senior living communities provide elderlies with a diverse set of activities to live life to the fullest. However, they need more than just bingo games and crocheting to enrich their lives.

Make this the best summer yet for your senior loved one or patient by introducing them to these 10 fun and engaging activities!

1. Excursions and Field Trips

Summer is the best season to go out and do some outdoor fun with your friends and family! The best way to do this is to go on a field trip or outdoor excursions to explore new places, try local cuisines, or catch a breath of fresh air. 

You can plan a trip with the family or with your senior loved one’s fellow residents. Some of the places you can try visiting include the following:

  • Local museums
  • Nature park and reserve
  • Zoo or wildlife parks
  • Visiting the park to enjoy a picnic
  • Going to the farmer’s market
  • Attending art shows and other special events.

Make sure to visit the places that your loved one likes or sites that offer specific activities that your senior loved one can enjoy.


2. Fitness Activities

Make exercise fun and engaging by introducing new fitness routines and inviting other seniors to join. You can also encourage your loved ones to try and do their workouts in a new environment. For instance, they can meditate and do yoga exercises in their senior home’s cool garden or outdoor space.

Since it’s summer, your loved one can also try water-based activities, like swimming and water aerobics. Just make sure to keep them cool and safe by hydrating regularly and applying sunscreen lotion.

3. Sports

Another activity that can exercise your loved one’s body while allowing them to enjoy a friendly competition is through sports. Top senior living facilities offer senior-friendly matches and tournaments of tennis, badminton, ping-pong, and golf.

4. Dancing

Does your loved one enjoy shaking their bodies to the music’s rhythm? Then enrolling them in a dance class or dancing activity can help them enjoy the summer season!

Besides being fun, dancing can help your loved one stay fit and maintain a healthy weight. Plus, they get to interact with other seniors and can make new friends. Some of the dancing styles your senior might want to try include Zumba, Salsa, Ballroom, and Swing dancing.

5. Theater Performance

It’s never too late for older adults to pursue their lifelong passion. So if your loved one has been itching to try theater, then this is the perfect time to encourage their love for the performing arts. 

Some seniors might prefer to just observe and watch performances as a form of entertainment, and that’s okay. Performers usually visit senior communities and entertain the residents. But if there’s no performance scheduled for the month, then you can also opt to bring your loved one to a place that offers entertainment. This includes:

  • Local theater or performances in universities
  • Stand-up comedy in pubs.
  • Musicals and choir performances

6. Music and Karaoke

Music brings joy and relaxation to older adults. No matter how good or average you are at singing, it’s always enjoyable as long as it is from the heart. So bring out the old karaoke machine and let your loved ones and their community friends sing their souls out. Organize friendly singing contests, karaoke group battles, or special musical shows from musicians.

7. Learning How to Cook

Does your loved one yearn for a new skill to learn this summer? Then it might as well be how to cook or bake delicious meals and snacks.

Unleash your senior loved one’s inner Martha Stewart by enrolling them in cooking workshops or classes provided by top senior living communities. 

They can learn how to create nutritious meals while also enjoying every session as they get to meet other like-minded seniors with a passion for cooking. Additionally, you can make it a bonding moment for you by joining in on their classes and partnering with your loved ones.

8. Playing New Games

Happy hour games usually consist of bingos, puzzles, and sudoku. However, you can try to spice it up by introducing new games to your loved ones. This includes:

  • Wii video games like baseball, bowling, and tennis.
  • Online games like Candy Crush, Text Twist, or Farmville.
  • Brain games from apps like Elevate, Cognito, and Lumosity

These digital-based games can be a welcoming break from the traditional games seniors usually play. Moreover, engaging in mentally stimulating activities can help improve the cognitive function of your loved ones, such as memory, thinking, and focus.

Just remember to guide them first and be patient as they don’t have initial knowledge of these kinds of things.

9. Enrolling in Summer Classes

Some older adults would rather spend the summer with their noses buried in their favorite novel than go out. If your loved one belongs to this group, they may enjoy taking some summer classes this season.

You can let them take their pick on available online classes for seniors. It can be a sign language class, gardening workshop, musical lessons, and other educational classes. Immersing themselves in learning new things can help retain their cognitive prowess.

Furthermore, it’s a great way to keep their brain active and protect it from age-related disorders.

10. Working on Crafts

Arts and crafts have been a popular activity for seniors residing in top senior living communities. It’s an enjoyable way to pass the time while also honing their inner creativity. Plus, working on inventive and creative crafts can help improve their skill level and self-esteem. Some of the best craft ideas you can try with your senior loved one include:

  • Painting using different mediums (charcoal, watercolor)
  • Creating beaded bracelets and other jewelry pieces.
  • Scrapbooking and collage making.
  • Creating a personalized quilt, pillowcase, or heating bag
  • Painting on canvas, mirror, rocks, or terracotta pots.


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